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Sales Training and Evaluation

Training is of growing importance to companies seeking to gain an advantage among competitors. One of the challenges that companies faced today is the lack of skilled, trained sales person. Although many organizations spend billions every year on sales training, but still many get low ROIs, this is because they lack full fledge training manager who trains, reinforce and measure the process. Guires offers full fledge sales training programs outsourcing services that cover every stage of buying cycle. Further, our sales training program follow rigor methodological structure where we identify individual (personality and needs, capability, skills, demographic, knowledge and work related approach) and situational factors (limitations, social and emotional factors and maintenance system) that would possibly effect training motivation. Our team of well experienced and certified sales experts delivers the training and evaluation program. At the end of sales training program, you can be assured that you can able to proactively and consistently sell effectively. This means you can able to act ethically and confidently in any situation.

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The Advantage of guires

  • Domain Experts: The trainers at Guires is equipped with diverse industry knowledge.
    We not only train people but also ensure to evaluate and certify them for their specific skills
  • Customized programs: At every stage of your training, we will have brainstorming sessions to ensure that the content matches exactly with your requirement / needs (product/services)
  • High-quality professional Services: We provide high-quality professional services where along with the content, we also provide supportive images and graphic designs.

  • Attention to detail: Project coordinators at Guires don’t just focus on the overall project but also take into account the minutest details ensuring timely project delivery through resourceful thinking and prompt response.
  • Cost-effective: Our outsourcing business model is cost effective to ensure that you achieve your business objectives and goals without exceeding your budget.
  • Non-disclosure agreement: Before initiating your project, we ensure to sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement with you and our project members. This process ensures that the document shared would be secured and highly confidential.

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