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Business Analytic Solutions

In today’s highly competitive world, and high pressure are driving the need for better data analytics. Recent survey found that firm’s competition, adaptability, and risk predictions –both offensive and defensive strategies are enhanced by better analytics. Further, companies are better positioned for overall market success when they use appropriate statistics, analytics and data to define and solve the problem. Data is a valuable tool, and most companies gather a huge amount of data, but the majority of the companies cannot afford to analyze due to lack of resources or expertise to be able to draw the highest value from that data.

Our business analytical outsourcing services share the equal risks and responsibility of your firm, by forming a long-term strategic relationship that is integral to your organization’s overall business plan. Over the years, we have assisted a multitude of organizations, empowering them with feasible solutions using sophisticated analytical modeling tools to resolve intricate business conflicts. While most organizations have all the requisite data with them, they are unable to apply the available data constructively due to lack of adequate know-how. Yet, our flexible embraced business models, along with our deep industry knowledge and capabilities, we ensure to deliver significant benefits in operational efficiency and costs reduction through our analytical services

Our Approach

Leading companies leverage our skills and capabilities on business analytical services. Based on our vast experience along with deep domain knowledge, we have been able to deliver services that are accurate, concise and extremely intrinsic to overall business objectives. We offer comprehensive business and decision making analytical services for wide range of industries that offers an important conclusion and key decisions that might otherwise have been hidden. We use cutting edge statistical tools with best-trained data management experts and statisticians.

Our highly qualified personnel, trained from reputed international universities and well experienced in supporting clients with the requisite skills and know-how to execute complex statistical/biostatistical analysis and research activities. Our team possess strong critical and analytical thinking, problem solving, data analysis (Drawing conclusions), Communicating and presenting findings, and decision making skills. However, at the bottom line we possess skills that associated with decision making rather than making spreadsheets. Our team collaborates on the conceptualization of the problem, define (refine) the scientific question of interest, and initiate and lead discussions concerning analysis approaches and interpretation of results. We deliver information that our customers want and need to improve decision making. Our repertoire for servicing Fortune 500 companies has propelled us to the forefront, thereby emerging as a trusted name in the field of statistical and biostatistical analytics.

We offer exclusive solutions in intricate areas of strategic analysis business decision making, risk and fraud analysis, market research based data analytics and a hypothetical prediction of future market trends. Our services also include data cleaning, quality of data audit, missing data analysis, extreme observations, analysis of home and heterogeneity, and finally run inference or confirmatory analysis using advanced tools based on the normality and data structure. Some of the analysis that we offer are bivariate, multivariate, conjoint, survival, and much more. We would welcome an opportunity to discuss how your data could ‘work harder’ for you. Depending on the client’s requirements, we use either simple or more advanced techniques (sometimes a combination of the two).

Advantage of Guires

  • Our specialists are professionals in their respective subject areas, such as statistics, mathematics, operations research, and econometrics.
  • Our Data Analysis team will maintain a lasting relationship with our clients and at the same time, we offer an utmost level of customer service by reducing your time spent on the research. Our experienced professionals have extensive knowledge in the usage of most sophisticated software.
  • We provide you short- term and quick turnaround as well as long- term consulting and advice. Sophisticated tools and technologies are used frequently, yet, the choice of analytical tool depends on the requirement of clients.
  • We apply a collection of analytical techniques to draw meaningful conclusions using data both from our surveys and from clients’ databases.

  • We use cost effective tools which allow brands to reach consumers and obtain feedback in a quick at the same time in a cost effective manner. For instance, GuiRes helps you in managing marketing research online communities (MROCs) launched by face book to manage ongoing consumer feedback, support feedback for new product development, or be used to test pilot campaigns. We help to gain actionable insights from customer responses.
  • We offer both qualitative and quantitative analytical services
  • We provide end-to-end solutions that include data analysis and compilation, statistical analysis, interpretation of statistical output, presentation of tables and figures, as well as report preparation.

Our Specific Analytical Services

Clinical and Medical Analytics

Utilize the wide-range of Clinical and medical research experience in analysing, designing and reporting clinical studies

Quality and Productivity Analytics

Increase the performance of productivity by optimizing quality in overall activities. Analytics-driven solutions yield greater results especially understanding the comprehensive quality and productivity insights that help to increase business opportunities.

Business and Consumer Analysis

Unlock insights of business and consumer analytics that helps to boost the customer satisfaction and growth of your business.

Econometric and Financial

Increasing risks and challenges in finance and econometrics, deploying smarter analytics helps to deliver the valuable financial insights

Big Data Analytics

In today’s highly competitive world, and high pressure are driving the need for better data analytics. Recent survey found that firm’s competition, adaptability, and risk predictions –both offensive and defensive strategies

Analytical Techniques Applied

Real-time data editing, multivariate analysis, statistical testing, including t-test, t-test, ANOVA and Chi-Square, unlimited tables, create marginal, frequencies, counts and percentages, weighting factors, targets, percentages or margins, means, medians, standard deviations, etc. Further, produce complete variable distribution showing percentages, cumulative percentages, and numerous descriptive statistics.

Our team are well- qualified in obtaining a results using any techniques which include

  • Conjoint Analysis (Full Profile Conjoint; Self-Explicated Conjoint; Choice Based Conjoint Analysis)
  • Monte Carlo Simulations
  • Multidimensional Scaling Analysis
  • Correspondence Analysis
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Factor Analysis
  • Data Mining with CHAID,
  • Classification and Regression Trees, and Neural Network Analysis
  • Multiple Regression
  • Discriminant Analysis
  • Forecasting Analysis
  • Bayesian decision making,
  • Study Design
    • Research Question and Null Hypothesis
    • Participants
    • Procedures
    • Data Analysis Plan
    • Sample Size Justification
    • Sample Size Calculation
    • Tools Development
    • Questionnaire
    • Instruction Manual

  • Statistical Analysis
    • Qualitative
    • Quantitative
    • SPSS / SAS help
    • Data Management
    • Data Collection
  • Survey Designing and administration

We provide analysis support services for such projects as

  • internal audits
  • auditing of financial statements
  • a wide variety of fraud investigations
  • statistics required for management reports
  • retail price and payment statistics
  • policy compliance reviews
  • internal security investigations
  • performance reviews of the sales force or of company divisions/regions
  • statistical reviews of inventory, customers, or product lines

Business Value

  • Clever use of existing information can often remove the need for expensive new surveys.
  • Business today faces enormousness pressure both internal and external, where usage of appropriate statistical tools would enable to positive results in terms of return on investment (ROI).

Industry Solutions

We offer business analytical outsourcing services to wide range of business and industries including manufacturing product applications, market research, pharmaceuticals and finance.


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