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Consumer and Business Analytics Services

Unlock insights of business and consumer analytics that helps to boost the customer satisfaction and growth of your business. Connected, Empowered and skillful consumers’ expectations level is high, and their purchasing choices are rapidly changing like how well your brand is giving positive impact to them. Business analytics

Business and consumer Challenges face by the industries

  • Poor after-sale-service
  • addressing and communicating the risks
  • Managing overall risks
  • Managing Supply Chain Malpractices and agility
  • Continuously run to stand strong in competition with the innovation
  • Bring brand and marketing effectiveness
  • Lack of resources about present and future updates
  • Problem of counterfeit goods
  • Delay in delivering goods
  • Declining of customer satisfaction on your product/services
  • Shrinking return on investment and profitability
  • Health and safety hazards
  • Increase operational cost

Our Approach

Our business analytics faciliate realization of business objectives throug reporting of data to analyse trends, creating predictive models to foresee future problems and opportunities and analsing/optimzing business process to enahnce organizational performance. Our team has capability to use various models.Descriptive analytics, also called business reporting, uses the data to answer the question of “what happened and/or what is happening?” It includes simple standard/periodic business reporting, ad-hoc/on demand reporting as well as dynamic/interactive reporting (OLAP, slice/dice, drill-down/roll-up, etc.). The main output of descriptive analytics is the identification of business opportunities and problems.

Predictive analytics uses data and mathematical techniques to discover explanatory and predictive patterns (trends, associations, affinities, etc.) representing the inherent relationships between data inputs and outputs. In essence, it answers the question of “what will happen and/or why will it happen?” Enablers of predictive analytics include data mining, text mining, Web/media mining and statistical time series forecasting. The main outcome of predictive modelling is an accurate projection of the future happenings and the reasoning as to why.

Prescriptive analytics uses data and mathematical algorithms to determine a set of high-value alternative courses-of-actions or decisions given a complex set of objectives, requirements, and constraints, with the goal of improving business performance. These algorithms may rely solely on data, solely on expert knowledge, or a combination of both. Enablers of prescriptive analytics include optimization modelling, simulation modelling, multi-criteria decision modelling, expert systems and group support systems. Thema in outcome of prescriptive modelling is either the best course of action for a given situation, or a rich set of information and expert opinions provided to a decision maker that could lead to the best possible course of action.

Techniques Applied

  • Marketing Measurement-segmentation, sizing
  • Product/customer segmentation & Profiling
  • Prospecting
  • RFM analysis
  • Purchase likelihood analysis
  • Cross-sell/Up-sell analysis
  • Loyalty /customer lifetime (CLTV) Modeling
  • Offer optimization
  • Chum analysis /Retention modelling
  • Brand/customer equity analytics
  • Customer satisfaction analysis
  • Marketing mix modelling & optimization

Tools Used To Measure

  • Measure for Brand Name Recognitions
  • Product category involvement Scale (PIS)
  • Brand familiarity, Memory, Recall,

Statistical Tools Applied

  • Conjoint Analysis [orthogonal array], Principal Component Analysis [PCA] to determine which of the products/service qualities are important to the consumer
  • Hierarchical Analysis, Factorial ANOVA, One-Way ANOVA [Post-hoc, Bonferroni test], SOBEL test
  • Analytical Hierarchical Process (AHP): Ranking all possible criteria for analyzing IS outsourcing decision
  • Logistic regression Analysis
  • Neural Networks, regression analysis, discriminate analysis, Multiple regression analysis (MRA)

Marketing Strategy and Effectiveness Analysis

Are you clear about the past, present, and future business positions/goals? Did you have data /analysis information to make the right strategic decision that will help to take your business where would you like to reach it? Strategic effectiveness is a capability of the organization to design plans for the right goals and endeavor them. The solid business strategy is the foundation of a well-written business plan. We offer the best business strategy and effectiveness analysis that can give you a competitive edge.

Big Data Analytics

Big data analytics provides a real opportunity for organization to transform themselves into an innovative organization that can plan, predict, and grow markets and services, driving towards higher revenue. We provide appropriate solutions using your existing volume of data available in varying degree of complexities that cannot be processed using traditional technologies, processing methods, or any commercial off the shelf solutions. By outsourcing big data our firm would analyze events that have happened within and outside an organization and correlate those to provide near accurate insights into what drove the outcome. Our big data analytical technique is externally fast, scalable and has flexible processing.

Customer Service Analytics

Looking to make an intelligent decision about your business? Want to make your customers happier than your competitors? Without leverages analytics, taking the big decision could be a discouraging element in business practice. The customer is the foremost agenda for any business as they act as a foundation of cross-selling and up-selling opportunities.

Loyalty Management Analytics

Gaining a strong relationship with your most loyal and profitable clients can improve the profit margins of your organization. Our analytics is a complete analytic solution that provides the best insights into overall loyalty program including the effectiveness of loyalty promotions and partner relationship. We offer insight that is customized, relevant and actionable to permit employees to make the better decisions. Gaining customer loyalty is a worthwhile endeavour.

Customer Behavior Analytics

Customer behavior analysis is more than tracking people as it enables your company to gain rich insights into customer behavior especially get an accurate picture of the future market. Our team has the capability to analyze customer based behavior insights for various industries by utilizing the fullest potential of predictive analytics, which in turn helps the clients to customized customer involvement and deliver tailor-made actions.

Digital Analytics for Social Media

The rapid speed of technology development and rising adoption of digital devices on a global scale, such as smartphones and tablets, have a profound transforming impact on consumer behavior and retail businesses at large. As customer demands are evolving ever faster, businesses, and retailers, in particular need to stay abreast in order to remain relevant to shoppers by providing them with seamless, engaging, reliable and trustworthy shopping experiences across several shopping channels and at each customer touch point. Combining different shopping channels and selling across channels is no longer a question of whether or not retailers should do it.

Acquisition & Retention Analytics

Attracting the new customer and sustaining the existing customers is a vital part of any business. It is a profitable and sustaining stanza for any business, so it is important to cultivate the culture of the strong customer relationship. Customers are more empowered and sophisticated; this makes the struggle to retain old customers and gain new ones. We can help you every time with processing in-depth analytics techniques to attract and retain the customers for business. It is a very challenging task for many, but we do it with perfect.

Other Specific Solutions

Promotion Effectiveness

Today many firms invest heavily on advterismenet to market their product with every consumer through TV or print media, or interactive media such as the World Wide Web. However, many struggle to look at the effectiveness, whether the budget being invested for the advertisement are expecting specific results, based on their goals or worth for the more invested?. We underatnd that clients expect proof, and, for the most part, that proof must lead to or actually produce sales. At guires, we identify three broad dimensions such as strategy, creativity and execution for effective advertising. We use various models to examining advertisment effectiveness such as ANN model, backpropagation ANNs (forecasting of advertising and promotion impact), Marketing Decision Support System (MDSS), and other models.

Decision Making process: Location/Re-location, Costs & Premises

We assist market researchers to gain a clearer understanding of how the decision making process associated with location, costs, premises or outsourcing decision. Understanding the choice is just not an economic decision but a process which embraces both normative & behavioral approaches

Predictive Analytics

Marketing managers faces decisions with knowledge of what will happen in the future (e.g. to forcast sales) as this is important to make decisions on acquiring raw materials, managing labour and scheduling production. Our strategic decision making team enables to predict precisely using right tool.

Classification & Identification of Prospective Customers / Products / Services

Are you struggling with classifying an observation into one of several groups especially while doing direct marketing and retail store site selection? Our team of analyst enables to apply right technique to classify customers based on their attributes and marketing technique applied.

Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning

Most of the marketers/ business find difficult to division the market into distinct groups of customers based on the customers’ basic characteristics regarding demographics, socio-economic factors, geographic, location and their product-related behavioral characteristics, such as purchase, consumption behavior & attitudes.

Business Value

  • Business today faces enormousness pressure both internal and external, where usage of appropriate statistical tools would enable to positive results in terms of return on investment (ROI).
  • To Enable targeted marketing towards potential consumer
  • Ensure to get in-depth knowledge about the consumer behaviors including their needs, preferences, and desires.
  • Understand the consumer sentiments for marketing the products/services through smarter analytics.
  • Most valuable customer behavior insights help to run better marketing campaign; it leads to saving the operational cost and valuable time
  • Win the customer satisfaction and boost sales

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