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Big Data Analytics

How to best Leverage value from your own data ?

In today’s highly competitive world, and high pressure are driving the need for better data analytics. Recent survey found that firm’s competition, adaptability, and risk predictions –both offensive and defensive strategies are enhanced by better analytics. Further, companies are better positioned for overall market success when they use appropriate statistics, analytics and data to define and solve the problem.

Does your firm struggle to make appropriate decision making? Or You belong to one of the industry that include legal, sales, marketing, procurement, finance and human resource department struggle to make decision or wanted to develop new solution or product? Big data analytics provides a real opportunity for organization to transform themselves into an innovative organization that can plan, predict, and grow markets and services, driving towards higher revenue.

We are pioneer in the research field for more than fifteen years offers end to end solution for the firm to set direction for the company and to support analytical frameworks for better understanding and making strategic decisions. We provide appropriate solutions using your existing volume of data available in varying degree of complexities that cannot be processed using traditional technologies, processing methods, or any commercial off the shelf solutions. By outsourcing big data our firm would analyze events that have happened within and outside an organization and correlate those to provide near accurate insights into what drove the outcome. Our big data analytical technique is externally fast, scalable and has flexible processing.

We use powerful algorithms, business rules, and statistical models and this data include text, image, audio, video and machine data. Our subject matter expertise (SME) understands the different layers of data being integrated and what granularity levels of integration can be completed to create the holistic picture. Our team creates the foundational structure for analytics and visualization of the data. Our data analytic teams are well equipped with advanced mathematical degrees, statisticians with multiple specialist degree who can apply the cutting-edge data mining techniques thereby enable our clients to gain rich insights into the existing customers and unearth high potential prospects.


We analyze all kinds of data such as weather, contract, labour data, maintenance data, financial reporting data, compliance data, clinical trials data, processing doctors notes on diagnosis and treatments, and contracts. We hold a leading big data platform work well with popular analytics tools and engines as well as Customer relationship management (CRM). Investing in the power of big data analytics enables to access all data; you can easily embrace new customers and predict changes. Gain an importance of unprecedented insight from all available data with the help of our big data analytics expertise leads fruitful chances for business.

We Perform

Clustering Analysis

Enables to group hetergenous population into a number of homogenous sub-groups. This may indicate different market segements and mean differing customer communciation strategies and channel. Further, to position their prduct or service in terms of competitive offerings and consumers’ views about the types of people most likely to own the product, we use cluster analysis.

Discriminate analysis

This analysis identifies the questions that are msot important in determining segement membership

Conjoint Analysis

This analysis helps the firm to predict choice share for evaluated stimuli such as competitive brands. We use several analysis such as two-factor-at a-time tradeoff, full profile, Adaptive Conjoint Analysis (ACA), choice-based conjoint, self-explicated conjoint, hybrid conjoint, and Hierarchical Bayes (HB). Conjoint analysis is most conducive to predicting choice behavior when the product or service involves a relatively high resource commitment and tends to be “analyzable” by the purchaser (e.g., banking or insurance services, industrial products). This tool is applied in sectors like consumer durables, industrial goods and other products like hair shampoo, gasoline pricing, clothing, carpet cleaners, etc.

Neural Networks

We use various models to examining advertisment effectiveness such as ANN model, backpropagation ANNs (forecasting of advertising and promotion impact), Marketing Decision Support System (MDSS),

Rule Induction Using Decision Trees

Decision tree analysis looks at a collection of data instances and given outcomes, evaluates the frequency and distribution of values across the set of variables, and constructs a decision model in the form of a tree.

Affinity Grouping

To evaluate relationships between data elements that demonstrates some kind of affinity between objects. For example, affinity grouping might be used to determine the likelihood that people who buy one product will be willing to try a different product. This analysis would be helpful for marketing campaigns when trying to cross-sell or up-sell a customer on additional or better products.

Customer retention

To determine the right incentive to offer in order to retain the customer business
Memory-Based Reasoning (MBR): To apply known situation to form a model for analsis. New situations are compared against the model to find the closet matches, which can be reviewed to inform decision about classification or for prediction.

K-Means cluster analysis:

Identified realtive similar groups of customers based on selected characteristics.
Two step cluster analysis: It automtically selected the number of clusters by comparing the values of a model choice criterion.

Latent class cluster analysis:

It optmizes the number of clusters and then fit the segementation model to the data and predict pattern in multiple dependent variables.
Latent class choice modeling: This analysis classifies customers into segements based on their prefered product benefits. This segementation enable the firm to customize their product offering to match segement preferences.

Multi-dimensional Scaling Analysis (MDS)

This analysis helps firm to see how their brand is positioned in the minds of consumers, vis-à-vis competing brands.

Clustering techiqnues

We are pioneering in applying both hierachical and partitioning method. Our market segmentation techniques are, K-means algorithm and artifical neural networks (ANN) [for sales forcasting, bankruptcy prediction), Unsupervised neural networks, the self-organizing maps (SOMs), Fuzzy Delphi method, self-organizing maps (SOM) and a visualization technique to cluster customers according to their various characterististcs


as part of a market segmentation process to establish some reasonable guess at an indeterminable value (Customer lifetime value)
Link Analysis: To establish links between entities within a data set especially to look at the closely connected groups of people.

Product Placement

to identify products that may often be purchased tother and arranging the placement of those items

Physical shelf arrangement

to increase the probability of additional impulses purchases.
Up-sell, cross-sell and bundling


To enable the presentation of items for cross-selling, or may suggest that customers may be willing to buy more items when certain products are bundled together.

Perceptual Mapping:

We apply this two dimensional graph to visually show where your product stands, or should stand, relative to your competitors, based on criteria (e.g price, quality, level of customer service) important to buyers.

Industry We Target

Are your firm still struggle to make decision that better match supply and demand. We enable you to apply analytics to every level of supply chain, from raw material sourcing to production and distribution. Our analytical techniques would enable your firm to enhance demand forecasting methods, detect supply chain disruptions and improve communications in supply chain that often global. In particular guires help to track strategic, tactical, and operational decision [The Supply Chain Operations reference (SCOR) model developed by the Supply Chain Council (] using a variety of analytical tools. If your industry is concerned with generating accurate demand forecasts to drive planning (long, mid and short term) and inform resource allcation, we help you to make accurate decision at all levels of supply chain. We apply wide analytical techniques.
The techniques includes descriptive Analytics (to map supply chain and visualization) to derive information from the significant amuonts of data and answeres the question of “what is happening within your firm” or “what happened”. We present simple standard/periodic business reporting, ad-hoc/on-demand reporting as well as dynamic/interactive reporting (OLAP, slice/dice, drill-down/roll-up, etc). By applying these analysis helps in the identification of business opportunities and problems
Predictive Analytics in supply chains derived demand forecasts from past data and answers the question of what wil be happening – Time series methods (e.g. moving average, exponetial smoothing, autoregressive models), Linear, non-linear and Logistic regression; Data-mining techniques (e.g., cluster analysis, market basket analysis)

Derives decision recommendations based on descriptive and predictive analytical models and mathematical optimization models.

Analytic hierarchy process, Game theory (e.g., auction design, contract design) – Mixed integer linear Programming (MILP), Non-linear programming (Network flow algorithms, MILP and Stochastic dynamic programming). In addition to the above, guires enables to apply analytics techniques in various areas such as auction, sales and operations planning, transportation and distribution planning, invenoty management, dynamic pricing and revenue management, manufacturing scheduling and workforce scheduling.

Conjoint analysis: This analysis capture consumer prefereces and measuring tradeoffs by estimating the consumer part-worth utilities for each attribute level of a product. Guires is pioneer in analysing various types of conjoint analysis such as rankings, ratings, and choice based alternative exists. In addition, even for new product development market share model, conjoint analysis and DCA have been applied.

Market potential for new products: Due to the fuziness exists based on the jury of expert opinion, which would significnatly affect the predictive accuracy of developed market.

In the financial industry, we apply revenue and profit forecasting, prediction of loan default, fraud detection and identifying money laundering, among others. In addition, we also enable to examine the effects of financial reports on stock prices, the cost of capital and other basic economic factors. We group behavioural data and statitistical techniques to identify the right type of customer for your product and service.

Fortunately due to a better supply of information to satisfty the demand, the amount of clinical and healthcare data has grown exponteially. We have capability to analse HER / EMR data, claims (owners: payors, providers – utilization of care, costs estimates) and costs data, pharmaceutical R&D data (clinical trials, therapeutic mechanism of action, target behaviour, adverse effects), clinical data (EMR, medical images), and patient behaviour and sentiment data (consumers and stakeholders outside healthcare, retail purchase history, exercise data captures in running shoes)


Thank you for your good work. You’ve done a wonderful job. I was literally struggling to publish my paper, but the way you care my paper was really extraordinary. Your team has looked at each and every line of the paper, fixed logical flow, highlighted the permission required for figures, cross checked references, and answered all my review questions – Excellent. Keep rocking
– Jermie, UK- Author,
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This is an excellent service, and I will use it again – Scholar, University of Michigan.The editor is also helping to improve my writing, making me more aware of each and every word
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