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Clinical and Medical Research & Analytical Solutions

A recent survey revealed that, ‘the roadblock of successful implementation of the use of data may be the dearth of Analytical Skills’. We bridge this gap by providing a wider range of healthcare analytical services for decision making.

Promoting rapid improvement in the areas of clinical medicine leads to the success of the researchers and scientists. Raising the importance in analysis and evaluation associated to the clinical and medical research program showcase a significant role in the enhancement of health. There are numerous beliefs that informed insights solutions make clinical research successful. We help you to give solutions to the healthcare and pharmaceuticals industries to boost sophistications of statistical element. Changing of global regulatory system, globalization of clinical trials, infrastructural and culture issues, etc., will never stand as an obstacle for your research and development program. With the support of our expertise, you will get a better insight of clinical trial data that meets the regulatory requirement.

Our Approach

Our clinical and medical analytics professionals are skilled in robust statistical methodologies, multitalented & well-experienced in using various analytical tools which enable us to create quality assurance report summaries and listings. Our data scientists are specialists and possess in-depth experience in the science of diseases and compounds. Additionally, they are perfect in comprehensive statistical planning and valuable upfront clinical study designs.

Challenges that we help you overcome:

  • Prioritizing the queries of clinical research
  • Infrastructural and culture issues
  • Globalization of Clinical trails
  • Shifting global regulatory systems
  • Work for Increasing statistical sophistications
  • Increasing Public health expectations and Bioterrorism (Political, Geographical, etc.,)

Our Specific Clinical and Medical Analytical Services


Leading pharmaceutical and life science companies outsource their biostatistics requirements at guires. We serve life sciences, pharmaceutical /biotech companies, medical and diagnostic industry, food and beverage industry, clinical research organization, and hospitals

Clinical Data Analysis

We worked in many therapeutic areas and in all phases of clinical development. From intense and complex early phase trails, to huge registry studies and complex medical device investigations, we deliver high quality and cost efficient solutions

Physician Profiling

We help companies to create database of key physicians in the development process. Our database creation is specific to specialization rather than general and we provide up to date database development services.

Clinical data Management

With the help of our Professional CDM personnel, you can easily meet the appropriate product expectations and set some standard requirement for data quality as well as drive adaptability in this rapid changing technology

Clinical investigator profiling

We use previous or current data to create clinical investigations data.

Key Opinion Leader Profiling

We collect data with reference to key opinion leaders in the area of your interest

Medical Report Writing

Especially, pharmaceutical companies from the USA, UK and other developed and developing nations requires FDA approval which is the most difficult one. Without submitting the accurate and effective medical report, it is very complex to get approved for the drug what you discovered.

Business Value

  • Reduction in cost and time
  • Maximize the public health benefits to the communities
  • Improve the power of decision-making in clinical trails
  • Enhance the operation of clinical trials
  • Decrease the R&D expenditures


Thank you for your good work. You’ve done a wonderful job. I was literally struggling to publish my paper, but the way you care my paper was really extraordinary. Your team has looked at each and every line of the paper, fixed logical flow, highlighted the permission required for figures, cross checked references, and answered all my review questions – Excellent. Keep rocking
– Jermie, UK- Author,
I appreciate all the effort and input done by your editors. Your editing was clearly a well thought out approach to improving the quality of the manuscript.
Patrick, US- Leading Publisher,
This is an excellent service, and I will use it again – Scholar, University of Michigan.The editor is also helping to improve my writing, making me more aware of each and every word
– Jenny,US- Scholar,
I sought the help of guires editing services for completing my research and I would not be exaggerating if I say that I am more than satisfied with the services I have received from them. Not only is the quality of the services of really high quality, but they also stuck to the strict deadlines I had to adhere to. In fact, they helped me to publish the paper from my research.
– Tom, UK- Scholar,

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