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Econometric and Financial Analytics

Increasing risks and challenges in finance and econometrics, deploying smarter analytics helps to deliver the valuable financial insights. Through our financial analytics, we enable companies to improve the decision making, boost return on capital-ROI, optimize and streamline risk processes, reduce the cost of regulatory compliances. increase the product lines/services areas, confident in handling risk mitigations and overall improvement in capital planning and tackle growing regulatory compliances

Our Approach

Leading companies use our econometric and financial analytics. Our domain specific team with strong industry knowledge enable to provide an agile, flexible solutions that give both efficiency and customer satisfaction. Our team has the capability to create customer, operations and business impact. We create a better experience, impression, and better results thereby increase retention, loyalty, and referrals. Our team has vast experience in handling financial analytics and thereby enable to see fraud and risk analytics as less of an obligation but more of an opportunity. We help to companies to see real business benefits and drive for competitive differentiation.

Our Services

Risk Management Analytics

In this volatile environment, risk management reaches a peak at numerous financial institutions. Financial institutions and other companies face the various challenges task in making the difficult decisions in a complex and uncertain environment.

Cost and Profitability Management & Analytics

Profitability and cost analytics are increasing its importance in this rapidly changing market. To avail the competitive advantages, the organization must understand overall cost margin of the business. Cost and profitability are the two distinct terms but relevant to each other. When businesses struggle to balance the cost margin, undoubtedly face losses in profitability.

Claims and Distribution Analytics

It’s hard to collate and analyze the Insurance claims data. We apply the active analytics models, so it is easy for the insurer to plan for their processing, claims out and also highlight possible fraudulent claims that may stand as the obstacles for a specific product line or channel.

Capital Planning Management Analytics

Inaccurate statistics is one of the major problems that are impacting overall capital expenditure strategy. The best productivity arrives from capital expenditure planning. The amount of investment and inherent risk blend in purchasing new equipment and technology based on “planning and budgeting”.

Fraud and Financial Crime Analytics

Outlook complete risks presence across your enterprise through fraud and financial analytics solutions. By leveraging analytics and algorithm is easy to spot and flag suspicious activities. Furthermore, you can identify the corporate fraud, the anti-money laundering, and customer due diligence quickly so expose the suspicious financial activity more efficiently than ever by employing unparalleled analytic solutions.

Business Value

  • Reduces the overall risk pressures by predicting through effective risk analytics solutions
  • Saves the risk expenditure
  • Increase return on investment by taking risk-aware decisions like how to accelerate capital planning and regulatory compliances
  • Boost the decision-making by clearing off transparency insight about present risk
    • Improve the accurate capital planning
    • Easily Orientate strategies and goals across the functions
    • Enable visibility, adaptability, and consistency

  • Increase the efficiency in regulatory compliances
  • Understand the positive impact of investing the cost at the right channels
  • Identify the saving part by redesign the cost structure
  • Enhance the cost planning and save the cost
  • Lower risk of investing the right channels
  • Increased the transparency

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