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Quality and Productivity Analytics outsourcing

Measuring quality and productivity help to determine whether your firm is progressing well and also provide information how effectively and efficiently your organization manage its resources. High performing organizations depends on the rich insights they gain for their data. Informed organizations and managers make more insightful decisions that deliver improved business volumes across the organization. Productivity measurement is a prerequisite for enhancing productivity.

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Our Approach

Guires quality and productivity analytics team offer a unique approach to the manufacturing and service industries to increase productivity by analyzing various factors including labor force, energy, material inputs, labor, purchased service, technical quality, the level of service, quality, processes, capacity, and external influences. Guires have resources and capability to capture important data and converts into actionable insights. Further, the team at guires consists of domain-specific engineers, and statisticians as measuring quality and productivity is a multi-dimensional phenomenon that is associated with commodity or service produced by a given enterprise and the common characteristics associated with the quality of a good.

Guires offers quality and productivity data analytics outsourcing solutions in the following areas

  • Laboratory quality control (e.g., uncertainty Analytics, turnaround time, customer satisfaction, nonconformities & complaints, technical throughput, customer retention, equipment failures and interval Analytics, inter-laboratory quality control Analytics)
  • Labour productivity, asset productivity, sales per employee
  • Employee or people productivity – turnover rate, unplanned absenteeism rate
  • Healthcare quality – service quality (Complaints from patients, cases of negligence, etc.)
  • Education – Labor quality
  • Asset productivity (total inventory turns, Raw &WIP Inventory turns, days’ supply of inventory, total cycle time, value added cycle time, cash conversion cycle,
  • Quality – customer satisfaction, warranty, Fill rate, Line Item Fill rate, defects per unit
  • Total productivity maintenance

We offer quality and productivity analytics outsourcing services for both manufacturing and service industries such as healthcare, pharmaceutical, food industries, education, manufacturing, etc.Comparative Analytics provides changes or improvements necessary to create tangible results, increasing profitability and customer satisfaction.

Our unique advanced analytics-driven solutions yield greater results that make your business processes smart in terms of

  • Clear management visibility, offer insights for informing the specific, granular actions that affect company effectiveness
  • Execute actions
  • Enable targeted change management through insights obtained from data-to-insight and insight-to-action can help design effective analytics solutions.

Our specific quality and productivity analytics

Business Compliance Analytics outsourcing

Particularly, compliance is increasingly important in financial industries. Organizations are finding the need to apply best analytics techniques to move on fraud and noncompliance before harm occurs, and regulators take notice.

Risk and Fraud Analytics outsourcing

Fraud – is one of the biggest risks that many companies face resulting in massive losses to shareholders. The poor risk management capabilities lead to poor decision making and high costs.

Productivity Analytics outsourcing

We work for the production quality improvement solution with assistance from big data analytics to avail the real-time production and quality metrics.

Logistics & Supply Chain Analytics outsourcing

Business statistics have been strategically deployed in the logistical arena with sizable advantages to freight forwarders, 3PLs, 4PLs, shippers, seaports, airports, rail terminals and regulatory bodies too. Logistics is an intrinsic process which generates a large amount of data.

Management Analytics outsourcing

Numerous organizations have identified that not having an effective measuring quality metrics is one of the top quality management challenges. Reshape and manage in all the activities including quality objectives, policies, and responsibilities through remarkable analytics solutions.

Healthcare Service Quality Analytics

We apply advanced analytics tools to examine the quality and productivity related challenges faced by healthcare industries. Our data-driven solutions improve healthcare service quality and productivity, focus on processes along the complete patient care pathway (emergency, inpatient, and outpatient treatment) and create an inter-organizational database to evaluate service quality and realize a continuous innovation process.

By partnering with Guires Analytics, your firm can able to?

  • Drive production to profitability
  • Explore new customer segments and opportunities
  • Facilitate an engaged and profitable workforce
  • Balance sheet efficiency
  • Cost reduction without sacrificing quality


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