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Healthcare Knowledge services

In today’s competitive world of digital transformation, focusing on your core competencies enables to gain competitive advantage through improved process responsiveness, increase volume capability, gain access to new technology, improve product performance design & conformance quality, and improve process lead & cycle time

Our healthcare business process management outsourcing services share the equal risks and responsibility of your firm, by forming a long-term strategic relationship that is integral to your organization’s overall business plan. Our flexible embraced business-outcome-based revenue models, along with our deep industry knowledge and capabilities, we ensure to deliver significant benefits in operational efficiency and costs reduction

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Healthcare Business Process Outsourcing Services

Leading hospitals, insurance, and pharmaceutical companies across the globe use our customized end-to-end healthcare BPM Outsourcing Services as we ensure that to deliver far beyond cost-savings including business agility and access to capabilities in the long run. We ensure that our healthcare business processing reengineering helps accrue all potential benefits of outsourcing by enabling cost reduction, efficiency improvement, business transformation and scalability and customer satisfaction.

The Guires Advantage

Guires is a leading healthcare BPM outsourcing service provider that offers the value proposition with a mix of process-driven and rule-based, along with a certain amount of intellectual intervention in the process at every stage to ensure sustainability.

  • Our hybrid multi-sourcing model with a mix of domain expertise
  • Depth and quality of skills, industry, recognized certifications and qualifications
  • Adopt industry best practices and flexible commercial models based on the client requirement
  • Integrate IT into every process to streamline the operations
  • 24/7 operations
  • Confidentiality and privacy at every stage of work. Fast turnaround time, and ensure quality assurance at every stage.

Healthcare Claims administration

The healthcare payer industry faces challenges in reducing the overall operation costs but at the same time striving for enhancing the customer experience. To further compound, they also face changing customer preferences and needs and regulations. On the other hand, a rise in fraudulent claims also costs the industry significantly. Outsourcing claim management services at guires would enable the Payers to reduce medical loss ratio (MLR) and reduce overall costs.

Healthcare Analytics

Driven by mandatory healthcare requirements and potential to improve the healthcare quality delivery had paved the way for the increased availability of electronic health data. The data hold the promise of a wide range of medical and healthcare functions including population health management, diseases surveillance, clinical decision support and evidence-based prescription.

Food & Beverage Research Services

If you are looking for any type of food and beverage based study, meet our experts of guires food and beverage research centre where we provide cutting edge research services from concept to consumer. We have capabilities and deep domain expertise in food and beverage research where we help your company to monitor a wide range of critical trends in consumer purchase and usage behaviour, motives and their attitude and awareness towards products from diet and nutrition to food safety and brand awareness.

Healthcare HR services

A large amount of money is spent on high-quality and sophisticated research to invent new and effective procedures and model, with an objective behind to help healthcare professionals provide the best possible care. Therefore, a properly trained and competent workforce is essential to any healthcare system. At guires, our team has the capability to source, recruit and train healthcare professionals in terms of both skill categories and training levels.

Pharmaceutical & Medical Research Service

We have capabilities and deep domain expertise, in pharmaceutical research where we enable companies to find new ways to innovate. Our research methodology along with industry experts develop cost effective solutions utilizing both old and new sources of information including primary and secondary research. We have wide contact with opinion leaders, specialists, GP’s, Nurses, Patients, Healthcare professionals and users.

Scientific Medical & Healthcare Services

Guires research has experience and knowledge in scientific and medical content publishing to global customers. We have expertise in different areas such as full-service medical writing, editing, and publishing of scientific and regulatory documents and the team packed with experienced professionals in order to deliver high-quality service. The Medical Writing Experts team specializes in providing scientifically meticulous medical and scientific writing services for pharmaceutical corporations, hospitals, food and beverage industry, alternative medicines organizations, clinical research organizations, and researchers worldwide.

Medical transcription Services

Leading hospitals, clinics and practices across the United States and other countries use our medical transcription services as we offer services with more efficient, innovative and trustable service. We provide an end-to-end solution from basic correspondence to complex research studies. We are HIPAA compliant medical transcription firm and follow the highest level of security and privacy as per the guidelines emphasized by HITECH/ HIPAA.

Healthcare BPM Services

Leading hospitals, insurance, and pharmaceutical companies across the globe use our customized end-to-end healthcare BPM Outsourcing Services as we ensure that to deliver far beyond cost-savings including business agility and access to capabilities in the long run


Thank you for your good work. You’ve done a wonderful job. I was literally struggling to publish my paper, but the way you care my paper was really extraordinary. Your team has looked at each and every line of the paper, fixed logical flow, highlighted the permission required for figures, cross checked references, and answered all my review questions – Excellent. Keep rocking
– Jermie, UK- Author,
I appreciate all the effort and input done by your editors. Your editing was clearly a well thought out approach to improving the quality of the manuscript.
Patrick, US- Leading Publisher,
This is an excellent service, and I will use it again – Scholar, University of Michigan.The editor is also helping to improve my writing, making me more aware of each and every word
– Jenny,US- Scholar,
I sought the help of guires editing services for completing my research and I would not be exaggerating if I say that I am more than satisfied with the services I have received from them. Not only is the quality of the services of really high quality, but they also stuck to the strict deadlines I had to adhere to. In fact, they helped me to publish the paper from my research.
– Tom, UK- Scholar,


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