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Research Process Outsourcing

Generally, it is believed that organizations that run smoothly with stable profit along with an excellent team of professionals will continue to function in the same capacity. However, this is not the case, to attain sustainable competitive advantage, there is a need for continuous and constant enhancement and development business and the team to surpass competitors and have a competitive edge. This could be attained only through continuous research and development (R&D).

We offer cutting-edge outsourcing services to corporate that include various research and analysis outsourcing solutions that would ultimately lead to cost saving, excellent quality and access to advanced technology and competent personnel. With deep industry knowledge and wide experience in research methodology and provide multiple sources evidence collected with different research techniques according to each project or problem. Our research services offer a wide range of B2B and consumer market research methods to provide insights with any type of industry at any stage. We work closely with clients throughout the project to ensure a successful outcome

Our Approach

We offer comprehensive research and developmental services to make complex but strategic decisions in your business. We served a number of enterprises ranging from small and medium service enterprises to large scale companies to deliver value added services without compromising quality. Our research and analysis support offered through both primary (empirical data collection) and secondary data collection (published sources). We offer wide range of solutions for both market entry and sustainability such as new product development ideas, competitor analysis, patent analysis, SWOT analysis, background check, market analysis, abstract and indexing, catalogue indexing, company reports /profiling, segmentation analysis.

Conceptual Framework

Questionnaire & Interview guide

Power&Sample Size Calculation

Data Collection & Analytics



Given the importance of research design and plan in organizational decision making process, the team at Guires identify and develop appropriate research plan for the various stages including planning, pricing, promotion and distribution of product or services. We pioneer in delivering research methodology including sampling, sample size calculation, power and in addition, to the various research tools / instrument development (qualitative and quantitative tools). Utilizing both quantitative and qualitative research, our team has virtually reinvented the research arena with our distinctive, personalized services, encyclopaedic reference of consumer demographics, annual client conferences, and extensive interview database.

Our Methodologies


Appropriate Research method drives many marketing decisions of practical interest, including testing concepts for new products, positioning the brand and corporate image, evaluating ad copy, and determining how to satisfy customers.

Data Collection


We have significant experience in field work services (data collection) and is completely dedicated to providing clients / customers with the highest level of service and support.

Analytical Tools


Data is a valuable tool, and most companies gather a huge amount of data, but the majority of the companies cannot afford to analyze. We offer comprehensive data analysis services for wide range of industries that offers an important conclusion and key decisions that might otherwise have been hidden

Industries We Serve

Our BPM team with strong industry knowledge and deep expertise enable to offer end-to-end services across the multiple industries. Firms across the globe have outsourced their business process with guires. Guires outsourcing has BPS capabilities in the following industries

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