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Technology Solutions

Business activities such as these have a broad range of requirements. The primary objective of any business intelligence tool is to reduce the gap that exists between the collection of data by the organizations to the amount of quality information accessible to the users to utilize it for business decisions during tactical and strategic levels. Challenges faced by the companies are

Algorithm Design & Development

The use of algorithms requires defining each process very specifically, taking into account all the possible situations or variations that may occur during the task. The algorithm itself is constructed to handle each step, or conditional step required by the business process.

Application Development

We develop custom applications across all industries and develop appropriate solutions to the IT problems that the company faced. We leverage latest technologies and tools and apply best industry practices to create IT applications.

Digital Media

Our e-marketing strategy follows the Customer-Lead Business where we get closer to customer, listen, involve, serve, add value and find the best, nurture them and test, measure and improve.

Imaging & Document Management

Leading companies use our imaging and document management services as our service enable companies to store, access and manage the volume of documents at lower costs directly to cloud storage systems or off-line. We help companies to scan and digitize new information, an archive for future accessibility and digitize paper documents.

Web Designing Service

Our design Service has the potential to deliver measurable results – We create differentiation as our design Speaks, creates positive relationship, memorable and thereby converts

The Guires Advantage

Guires is a leading engineering service outsourcing service provider that offers the value proposition to our clients

  • Our deep domain expertise ensures to bridge the gap between the theory and practice of image processing. Our team has rich experience in programming languages (C, C++, and scripting languages (Python, Perl, Java), sensor data processing or sensor data fusion (Kalman filter, accuracy evaluation, statistical data analysis, machine learning, data classification, audio/speech) and SW development toolchain (debug tools /Flash).
  • We are associated with international academic institutions to acquire domain and expertise that would ensure that the knowledge and research capabilities are upgraded at every stage
  • Our low costs and real-time architecture for image processing’s enabled to improve your efficiency.

  • Our hybrid multi-sourcing model with a mix of domain expertise
  • Depth and quality of skills, industry, recognized certifications and qualifications
  • Adopt industry best practices and flexible commercial models based on the client requirement
  • Integrate IT into every process to streamline the operations
  • 24/7 operations
  • Confidentiality and privacy at every stage of work. Fast turnaround time, and ensure quality assurance at every stage.

Business Value

  • Our algorithm and application development services would be greater flexibility, scalability, and security
  • Your company can access content across your channel partners thereby through its unified access enable better decision making and increase speed of execution
  • By storing data with us, your company can resolve inquiries and enhance customer retention process

  • The application is developed based on the business needs and objectives thereby you are assured that the product developed and the investment made for the development are at par with your future vision.
  • Your company can effectively at the same quickly capture content (both digital and paper documents) from multiple channels at the point of origin. This would enable to improve productivity thereby enhance business process to respond your customer


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