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Imaging and Document Management

Companies realize the value of the data being collected from their clients /customers as it is a key business asset. To maximize its value, the data collected should be readily accessible and at the same time stored securely.

Our Approach

Leading companies use our imaging and document management services as our service enable companies to store, access and manage the volume of documents at lower costs directly to cloud storage systems or off-line. We help companies to scan and digitize new information, an archive for future accessibility and digitize paper documents. We also enable to companies for cost-effective storage including optimal media or DVD. Further, we offer web based viewing and retrieval facility that allow users to locate and organize the documents for future or daily use.

Our Offering

We offer scanning and archived documents, based on your workflow and capacity we do offer same day scanning, OCR text reading,

Document Management Services

Our services offer imaging, indexing, and archive of documents, where we take your paper drawing, scan and convert them to electronic files. We convert paper or electronic files into digital formats such as Adobe Portable document format or any other desired output. We safely store all your files on the cloud and indexed for quick access. We scan all image formats including JPEG, PDF, TIFF, automate indexing through OCR and barcodes, complete scanning and full-text OCR indexing.

Document Image Processing

Image correction and enhancement for clearing document issues caused due to scanner such as degrading, marginal noise, skewing

Image Processing

Our team has the capability to design and develop several image processing technologies in various domains including biomedical imaging, pattern recognition, 3-D graphics. We utilize sophisticated tools for analyzing and visualizing medical images. We read and write DICOM image, automate acquisition from imaging hardware, create custom visualizations, develop new ideas based on the reference-standard algorithms, and create scripts.

The Guires advantage

  • We follow industry best practices for security, access, and compliance.
  • We organize the document according to the industrial codes
  • Follow multi-level control and secure access along with easy retrieval
  • Image based entry using ICR and OCR technologies

  • We adopt Optical character recognition (OCR)
  • We help in Indexing and source document image capture
  • Our team has extensive knowledge of various digital products and support secure socket layer (SSL) connections to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Our end to end solutions will ensure that we scan and automatically route your documents to a centralized processor.

Business Value

  • Your company can effectively at the same quickly capture content (both digital and paper documents) from multiple channels at the point of origin. This would enable to improve productivity thereby enhance business process to respond your customer

  • Your company can access content across your channel partners thereby through its unified access enable better decision making and increase speed of execution
  • By storing data with us, your company can resolve inquiries and enhance customer retention process.

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