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Algorithm Design and Development

Today, algorithms are used widely to automate a broad range of business processes especially with two basic purpose, viz., to improve business process and analyse a large volume of data that can serve as a powerful tool for increasing differentiation, create value and boost performance.

Our engineering and business outsourcing services share the equal risks and responsibility of your firm, by forming a long-term strategic relationship that is integral to your organization’s overall business plan. We design and develop custom algorithms that would meet your needs. Our flexible embraced business-outcome-based revenue models, along with our deep industry knowledge and capabilities, we ensure to deliver significant benefits in operational efficiency and costs reduction

Our Approach

Leading companies use our algorithm development services to enhance their business process and also to get real-time insights into the market trends and changes. We help companies to analyse a large volume of unstructured data, identify pattern and similarities thereby create order and process through our algorithm development services. The insights obtained from this data will help companies to streamline the process and thereby increase efficiency.

Our technical expertise including engineers, statisticians, and mathematicians has wide knowledge with deep industry background with various latest algorithm simulation tools and technologies; thereby we ensure to develop and deploy efficient, robust and reliable algorithms to address your variety of business needs. This includes calculating payroll checks, analyzing credit card transactions, call routing to the right telephone call center, online shipping transactions, online order processing, and big data analytics. We have experts in Machine learning who have developed algorithms in environmental modeling applications, predictive coding in risk models, NLP, fraud detection and equity trading. In addition to algorithm development services, we also involve in feasibility checks, data analysis, system modeling, algorithm simulation, algorithm optimization, algorithm porting to target platforms, system analysis, and system integration. Our team efficiently collaborates with the scientists to understand the relevant domains and identify required analytical and methodological approaches to solving the problem and thereby produce an efficient and effective algorithm for any given situation.

The Guires Advantage

Guires is a leading engineering service outsourcing service provider that offers the value proposition to our clients

  • Our deep domain expertise ensures to bridge the gap between the theory and practice of image processing. Our team has rich experience in programming languages (C, C++, and scripting languages (Python, Perl, Java), sensor data processing or sensor data fusion (Kalman filter, accuracy evaluation, statistical data analysis, machine learning, data classification, audio/speech) and SW development toolchain (debug tools /Flash).
  • We are associated with international academic institutions to acquire domain and expertise that would ensure that the knowledge and research capabilities are upgraded at every stage
  • Our low costs and real-time architecture for image processing’s enabled to improve your efficiency.

  • Our hybrid multi-sourcing model with a mix of domain expertise
  • Depth and quality of skills, industry, recognized certifications and qualifications
  • Adopt industry best practices and flexible commercial models based on the client requirement
  • Integrate IT into every process to streamline the operations
  • 24/7 operations
  • Confidentiality and privacy at every stage of work. Fast turnaround time, and ensure quality assurance at every stage.

Our offering

We offer a wide range of services including data analysis, database searching, molecular graphics, imaging, spectroscopy, signal processing, pattern and face recognition, and graph theory. Our approach is cost effective but robust where we review the latest literature to identify the previous algorithms that were found to be effective and solve your business problem. We select the most appropriate and develop new algorithm along with a prototype. Develop user interface and elaborate the final algorithm and carefully test and implement the solution.

Medical Imaging

We develop advanced imaging algorithms utilized in diagnostic and therapeutic medical devices with endoscopic imaging, intravascular, ultrasound, tomographic (MRI, CT, PT) modalities

Big Data Analytics (Classification and Identification)

Big data analytics provides a real opportunity for the organization to transform themselves into an innovative organization that can plan, predict, and grow markets and services, driving towards higher revenue. We provide appropriate solutions using your existing

Signal Processing

volume of data available in varying degree of complexities that cannot be processed using traditional technologies, processing methods, or any commercial off the shelf solutions.By outsourcing big data, our firm would analyze events that have happened within and outside an organization and correlate those to provide near accurate insights into what drove the outcome. Our big data analytical technique is externally fast, scalable and has flexible processing. We use powerful algorithms, business rules, and statistical models and this data include text, image, audio, video and machine data.

Our team has the capability to handle digital signal processing projects according to your requirements. We create high performance chips with flexibility and software programmability. Our process undergoes stringent verification thereby recommendations can be made at any stage in the process.


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