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Traditional Marketing Solutions

With the introduction of digital channels of promotion, several organizations have shifted their focus to the digital platform. Many organizations are now ignoring traditional marketing platforms on the whole. Digital marketing may not work all the time as its outcome is largely dependent on whether the target customers have access to digital mediums. When organizations try to market their products and services to a rural market through digital platforms it is bound to backfire. The whole marketing effort is wasted and they do not achieve any return on investment. Yet, organizations fail to realize what went wrong in their marketing effort. Even in the urban market, there are people who do not use digital platforms. In such instances, the use of traditional marketing is always recommended.

As a marketing agency, we are aware of the importance of both traditional and digital marketing. Our traditional marketing experts develop a marketing plan and strategy on the basis of your target customers and their background. Our experts help you to identify the right traditional marketing tool that would work best for you and matches your business goals and objectives. Our traditional marketing efforts adopt a ‘Glocal’ approach where your message addresses local needs but can be used globally.

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Marketing Planning

Traditional marketing is a wide concept and there are many factors that need to be considered when executing traditional marketing. Organization might have big budgets and resources to handle all their traditional marketing activities but they often fail to plan their marketing. As a result, all their marketing efforts are wasted. Many small and medium organizations do not have the resources who can execute their marketing activities so, marketing planning is out of the question. We are an organization offering extensive marketing solutions particularly for small and medium firms. Our team of experts initially understands your marketing objectives on the basis of which they create a plan for all your traditional marketing activities. Every marketing activity is elaborately planned which you can execute periodically. The time-frame for executing each marketing activity would be detailed in the marketing plan. Our marketing planning services are also cost-effective which is an added bonus.

Trade Shows

Trade shows are one of the most underused traditional marketing tools that organizations can utilize to market their products and services. Most small and medium organizations have limited marketing budgets which prevents them from participating in trade shows. Several other organizations have heard about trade shows but are not aware of its marketing potential neither are they aware about how to participate in trade shows. As a marketing services provider, you can partner with us for all your trade show related requirements. By partnering with us, we help you identify trade shows that are most relevant to your industry, product offering and more importantly costs. If you have limited budgets, we recommend trade shows that do not require high investments but can offer you high results. Our vast trade show experience can be beneficial in delivering the results that you expect in a cost-effective manner.

Rural Marketing

Organizations usually struggle to reach the rural market because the most preferred medium for marketing today is digital medium. Digital marketing may not work in rural areas owing to lack of internet penetration and technological infrastructure. Though organizations use traditional marketing methods but they are not aware of the marketing tool that would best work in the rural market. Print and publication media might not work if the rural market lacks literacy. Organizations spend much on printing and publishing marketing collaterals for the rural area but it does not deliver. As a marketing agency that offers traditional marketing services, rural marketing solutions are one of the highlights of our services. We adopt a ‘Glocal’ approach where we help organizations to develop their rural marketing strategies for product pricing,distribution, promotion, marketing and sales that targets the rural market. With our proven track record in rural marketing, you can expect the best services.

Direct Marketing

Due to the availability of a variety of traditional marketing tools, direct marketing is usually overlooked. Direct marketing can be very beneficial if used appropriately and with the right resources. But organizations usually ignore direct marketing or may not have the required human resource to execute direct marketing activities. We are an organization offering traditional marketing solutions where one of the tools of marketing that we effectively use and recommend is direct marketing. Our experts are experienced in conducting direct marketing activities where we directly connect with your existing and potential customers to promote your products and services. The messages we convey through direct marketing is customized to target customer groups who are expected to experience it. We handle a wide range of direct marketing techniques including in-shop activations, consumer contact, personalized marketing and door to door marketing. Our direct marketing activities are focused, cost-effective and designed to make an impact.

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