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Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing emerges as a technique of marketing that does not intrude and utilize tools such as search engine optimization, content marketing and social media marketing. While each of these is unique in itself, the challenge lies in effectively using all these elements for best results. Small and medium enterprises need to utilize inbound marketing techniques to enhance the number of visitors that they attract to their website who can later be converted into customers. We extend support to organizations by helping them to develop tailor-made inbound marketing programmes that can be most appropriate for the needs of your organization. These inbound programmes are facilitated by dedicated and combined efforts of our team that includes web developers, graphic designers, marketing strategists and technologists. We enable you to develop a solid foundation on which you can increase your brand awareness, create new leads and enhance revenues.

Our services under Inbound Marketing  includes :

Our Services Are

Search Engine Optimization

Organizations in their rush to take advantage of online marketing mediums, often fail to take into account the need for search engine optimization. Their websites and content marketing initiatives do not factor in search engine optimization and their content lacks keywords that help them to achieve top most ranking in the search engine results page. As a result, the name of your organization never shows up in the first page of search results and is usually placed somewhere at the very bottom. This in turn leads to lack of visibility which defeats the very purpose of having a website. The same is applicable for social media platforms, organizations use content without appropriate keywords and their products, services or announcements are lost in the vast stream of messages floating on social media platforms.

We are an organization that helps you with search engine optimization by using the right keywords leading to direct hits and higher ranking. Our search engine optimization activities provides opportunities for firms to create acquisitions such as creating sales, leads, and inquiries and also help customers to engage with your brand, and drive people to your website. We also have the capability of building your websites from scratch where we keep SEO as a base. Our search engine optimization services can help you achieve high visibility.

Services Under Search Engine Optimization

  • Keyword Research and Keyword Planning Strategy

    Search engine optimization is a very complex and difficult task. It requires the marketing department within organizations to identify appropriate keywords which can then be included appropriately within the content of your webpage or social media site. But identifying the right keywords is not an easy task and requires some work. Using standard keywords may not help the organization to achieve higher rankings in search engine results page. Identifying right keywords is a critical technique which requires research. As an organization providing search engine optimization services, we adopt a unique approach to SEO activities. Our digital marketing experts conduct thorough keyword research to identify keywords that are high impact. Initially, our experts outline a keyword planning strategy where we determine the keywords that would work best and how to include them within the content of the website. By using our keyword research and planning strategy, you can be assured of higher search engine rankings.

  • On-Page Optimization

    Are you looking forward to create a website that is search engine optimized, keyword targeted and bring more traffic to your site? If yes, then you would definitely benefit from on-page website optimization. The primary step towards SEO is on-page optimization. With on-page optimization, your website and content can be optimized for a targeted keyword. Small and medium enterprises are usually unaware about on-page optimization and may not initiate such activities. But the task is not as easy as it sounds. Techno-developments have made search engines smarter. It only picks up websites that have high quality content. We present SMEs with on-page optimization services that will help them to optimize their website in smart manner. This ensures that search engines picks up keywords from your site and draws visitors. Our on-page optimization services are conducted directly on the website which helps in upgrading your position in search engine rankings.

  • Link Building

    Building links within websites offers a path for visitors to navigate across different pages on the internet. But link building is not an easy task and is a challenge for SEOs. SEOs can work at link building for hours but it still may not deliver results. This necessitates the need for bringing in the professionals. Look no further, you have reached the right place. We adopt a unique approach to link building. We understand the state of your present domain, your backlink profile and ranking. Following which we analyze assets that can be linked to understand what is drawing links for your site. Then we evaluate competitors to understand the sites they acquire links from and the kind of content that works for them. Based on which we develop a strategy for link building. On acquiring links for your site, we also provide reports to that effect.



SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Organizations often come across promoted advertisement on the online platform and they have also heard of the term ‘SEM’. But a large number of small and medium organizations are unaware about how to execute a Search Engine Marketing campaign. A factor that adds to the complexity is that SEM campaigns require a well-planned strategy that will help organizations to achieve a higher return on marketing investment. We are a digital marketing agency that can help organizations to solve this problem related to Search Engine Marketing promotions. We create innovative strategies that help us to identify the best target keywords for you on the basis of an extensive keyword research analysis. On the basis of keyword research, we identify and use the best keywords that draw most targeted traffic and ultimately result in higher rates of conversion. Our SEM campaigns can be run in Google Adwords or it can also be used effectively in YouTube and Facebook.

Email Marketing

Building personal relationship with customers is the key to long lasting customer association and loyalty. This effort can be driven with email marketing. In their attempt to attract new customers, organizations often overlook the power of email marketing. Organizations that do use email marketing as a tool, tend to overdo it by flooding customer’s inbox with innumerable mails. It usually backfires. We are a digital marketing organization that offers exceptional email marketing services. Our email marketing strategy is calculated, perfectly timed and periodic. Our email marketing activities revolve around building strong customer relationship by keeping them informed about any new product or any new service that we have launched. It also informs them about any discount offers that customers usually expect. Our email marketing activities are focused on sending emails to customers during festive seasons by timing the emails. Our activities help in creating customer engagement and loyalty.

Social Media Marketing

The entry of various social media marketing platforms have presented organizations with a problem as they are unsure of which social media platforms they should focus their marketing efforts on. Several organizations are also not aware of how to utilize the potential of social media to their advantage. We offer organizations with innovative social media marketing strategies that will enhance their business. We adopt a three-step approach to social media marketing. The first step involves identifying the right platform that will work the best for you. The second step is creating content that will attract the attention of your customers on the social media platform by creating interest, curiosity or campaign creations that address the pain-points of customers. The third step is creating engagement with customers. Apart from focusing efforts on one specific social media platform, we also help in creating social media presence on other platforms too.

Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Using the social media for marketing purposes is no easy task. It requires much planning, strategy and effective execution to ensure its success. Randomly posting content on various social media platforms might not work and often leads to poor or no outcomes from your social media marketing activities. As a digital marketing organization, we enable organizations achieve success in all their social media marketing activities. We help to create social media marketing campaigns that are powerful, effective and facilitate you to achieve your intended outcomes. Our social media campaigns are strategically structured considering your requirements, products / services, customers and are targeted on the right platform in the right manner. Social media campaigns we develop are targeted at a particular set of existing or potential customers and are run periodically. With a different approach to social media campaigns for different platforms, you can create customer engagement and generate leads.

Content Marketing

Content is what drives marketing efforts and plays a critical role in driving traffic to your website which leads to increase in sales and higher return on investments. A large number of organizations however are unaware about the kind of content they need to use to drive their marketing efforts. Having the wrong content on their website can make a negative impact on their brand or the organization on the whole. Our team of content marketers has the right mix of skills that includes creativity, marketing, business and technology which helps organizations to improve their content marketing initiatives. We also accord much importance to presentation where along with the right content we ensure that the content is presented in the right manner. Content marketing is enhanced by the look and feel of the website, user experience and ease of use. Our content is flexible enough to be used on various digital platforms.

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