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Content Development Solutions

Businesses have realized that content has the potential to drive their marketing efforts. However, most businesses are unaware about the kind of content they need to use to get the proper results or many of them (small and medium enterprises) operate on fixed budgets with limited resources. They do not have the luxury to employ a dedicated content development team. Their website content is hastily put together by people who are not qualified to develop web content. Most websites only have volumes of text which may or may not be relevant or some might just use images without any explanations.

We are one of the leading companies offering a range of content development services. We understand the significance of content and help small and medium enterprises to develop content aimed at B2B content marketing, create outstanding corporate profiles that can highlight your presence in the market and several other services. We are also aware of the various content marketing tools such as blogs, social media content, visual content and extend exceptional blog writing services, create social media content that can make an impact. We also strengthen your text content with visual content such as videos, infographics and images.

Our services would include :

Our Services Are

Educational Content Development

The ever changing educational landscape brings about several changes in the curriculum which makes it essential that educational content is frequently updated. Apart from this, educational content development is a vast domain where are variety of content needs to be developed. The content that is created needs to be the point and should be such that students easily understand it. Therefore, developing educational content that is reliable, credible and makes a difference can be a very challenging as well as demanding task. We can help you overcome this challenge by assisting you in creating educational content that matches the current requirements of students perfectly.

Guires understands the intricacies involved in education content development and offers high-quality writing which is clear, concise and comprehensible. We create materials with style specified by the client and also include appropriate technical and academic language. Our range of educational content varies. It could either be educational content for nursery students or textbooks for university level; we have the expertise and experience to deliver materials that are at par with international standards. We also make the text content visually appealing by adding explanatory pictures, figures and tables for easy understanding and thus engaging young minds.

Services Under Educational Content Development

  • Textbook Writing Services

    Textbooks are a valuable teaching tool which is why textbooks writing should be done in such a manner that it is relevant and credible. Since textbooks are extensive documents there is always the scope for the person writing the textbook to stray away from the topic that is being covered. Also the person writing the textbook should be knowledgeable enough to create content that is error free. Considering that textbooks are critical for knowledge transfer, content in the textbook should be powerful.

    We understand this requirement and with our knowledge and experience offer textbook writing services that match the educational requirements. Our subject matter experts are well-versed with curriculum requirements and create course materials that meet the specific needs and requirements of students. Our extensive team has the capability to write textbooks for nursery students as well as for those pursuing advanced education.

  • Course Material Writing Services

    Creating course materials can be very critical to the process of learning and the learning process on the whole. The approach adopted by the instructors towards teaching is powerfully dictated through the quality of the course materials. Course materials can play a vital role in the fact that it extends support not just in the classroom but it goes beyond the classroom as well. It is therefore necessary that course materials are written keeping all these factors in mind.

    We offer course material writing services where we ensure that proven content from the past is appropriately included with latest developments in the educational arena. Course materials that we create are targeted at both regular students as well as distance education students. For regular students course materials acts like an extension of classroom learning while for distance education students, it would be a mixture of support elements such as; private tutorials, seminars, lectures and lab sessions. These are designed such that it helps education to occur without any disturbance.

  • Online / E-Learning Material Development

    Creating online / e-learning material for the digital domain can be far more challenging than creating content for the offline platform. Online / E-learning materials have to be continuously updated to incorporate the latest changes unlike offline content which is updated after lengthy durations. We have a wide base of industry experts who closely follow the latest developments in the industry and update the content accordingly to reflect the changes and thus provide online learners with the much needed competitive edge that helps them to update their knowledge and emerge successful in pursuing their academic and career objectives. We create interactive online / e-learning material which creates an engaging learning environment and improves the process of education.



Research Content Development

Research content development can be a very challenging task for students and research scholars. During the course of their educational pursuits, students are required to create several academic papers which would range from normal assignments, essays, dissertations, thesis and manuscripts. It varies from the educational course they are pursuing. Most students and researchers have the required knowledge but they find it challenging to convert their knowledge into outstanding written papers. Developing research content is an art which most students and researchers do not possess. We help students and researchers to easily overcome this challenge by providing academic content developments services.

We have a strong foundation and ability in understanding the research work or educational course that the student is pursuing. Based on their requirements and after obtaining their inputs, we help them to develop their research content which is valid, to the point and makes sense from an academic viewpoint. We not only have subject matter experts from various fields who guide students in developing their academic papers but we also have a strong team of writers who can help students to translate their thoughts into written content that is plagiarism free. Our experts also help students in referencing and formatting their papers.

Categories As Follows

  • Literature Review

    Writing literature reviews can be a lengthy and labourious process as it requires the student or research scholar to go through several research works conducted in the past and highlight its findings in the setting of their current research. Researchers are already under pressure from the many requirements of their research which is further worsened by the lack of time. We can help research scholars to overcome this challenge by offering literature review writing services. Our qualified experts understand the objectives of the research and help in identifying relevant literature. Our PhD., experts review the theory and the major research critically for the dissertation literature review and help the researcher identify the research problem and furnishes the uniqueness and importance of the present study with that of earlier published study (identification of research gaps). With the research gaps, a research framework will be developed based on the available empirical literature for the Ph.D. dissertation literature in order to contribute significantly to the research.

  • Research Methodology

    Identifying the right methodology to be used for the dissertation or the thesis can be very critical and would influence the outcomes of the research. There are several research methodologies that researchers can use which includes; qualitative research, quantitative research, mixed methodology or a systematic review. But the research methodology is usually determined by the objectives of the research. But most research scholars or students are unaware about this fact and often end up choosing the wrong methodology which ultimately leads to failure. Students and researchers are often confused about concepts related to the methodology which again restricts their scope for success.

    We help students and researchers to identify the right research methodology by understanding the aims and objectives of their research. We take into account the theoretical and hypothetical assumptions on which the research is founded and understand the possible consequences of the research method that will be adopted and how it shapes the outcome. We help students and researchers to shape their research design, recognize the research paradigms and philosophies and emphasize how it would make a difference to their research work. Depending upon the research methodology adopted, we also help students to identify the tools that they would use for data collection.

    • Qualitative

      Our experts determine and recommend a qualitative research method particularly when the research seeks answers to questions relating to meaning, viewpoints and experience which are usually from the perception of the research participant. Once this methodology is chosen, we then focus on data collection tools where data is gathered through small group discussions to study attitudes and ideas related to normative behaviour. Semi-structured interviews are another tool that we use to obtain viewpoints about a particular topic. We also conduct in-depth interviews to help the researcher understand a particular condition or event. We later help researchers to interpret the findings from a qualitative research with the use of software.

    • Quantitative

      Our experts choose a quantitative methodology on the basis of the need for factual data to seek answers to the research question. It is specifically used when a probability or general information is sought for attitudes, opinions, views, preferences or beliefs. Quantitative methodology is also used when it is possible to isolate and define variables, when there is a scope for variables to be connected with the objective of formulating hypothesis prior to data collection. This methodology is also applied when data needs to be collected from a large sample through questionnaires and the data is numerical in nature.

    • Mixed Methodology

      Depending upon the aims and objectives of the research and the specific research questions to which answers are being sought, our experts prefer to use a mixed methodology. The challenging part in a mixed method is to successfully combine the components of qualitative and quantitative research to derive best results. Our experts use mixed methodology to collect, analyze and interpret data where both qualitative and quantitative methods are used in a single research with a view to investigate a phenomenon or try to answer a particular research question or questions. Being well-aware of the technicalities of mixed research they are able to offer assistance to research scholars and students.

    • Systematic Reviews

      Systematic reviews again would involve going through a lot of research papers related to the student or researcher’s area of study and find relevance from it. As in literature review, systematic reviews are also very labourious and lengthy process however, it is supposed to be executed in a systematic manner. Our research methodology experts have excellent knowledge and years of experience in executing systematic reviews. As a result, they are in a position to guide students and researchers in writing systematic reviews. Our experts identify relevant papers while keeping in mind PRISMA (Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic Reviews and Meta-Analysis) guidelines.

  • Manuscript Writing

    We have a track record in helping students, academicians and research scholars to develop and write their manuscripts which they can successfully publish in high-impact journals or any journal of their choice. Students and researchers often face a challenge in structuring and writing their manuscripts and identifying the target journals where their manuscripts can be published. We help them to overcome this challenge by identifying their subject area, specialization and topic. We recommend the right journals and based on the requirements of these journals, the manuscripts are created. We guide students and researchers about the quality parameters that have to be considered while writing their manuscripts which enhance their chances of publication.

  • Editing and Proofreading

    Editing and proofreading can be a very complex task not only because of the technicalities involved but often researchers face a shortage of time. We always serve the need of three key players; the author(s), the publisher and the reader. The three parties share a basic desire – an error-free publication. Our team is well experienced with copy editing and acts as an author’s second pair of eyes, to identify and also correct errors or inconsistencies in content usage, syntax, minor aspects of grammar, technical errors, etc. With our services, students can be assured of a paper that is grammatically sound and with high use of language. We also identify plagiarized areas and help them to make it a paper with zero percent plagiarism. Our editing and proofreading services are highly sought after and depended upon.



Medical Content Development

Unlike regular writing, medical content writing can prove to be an area of concern as it requires in-depth subject knowledge and knowledge about regulations that are compulsory for writing compliance reports. Our team of medical writers serves the medical community of healthcare where we help doctors and hospitals to write reports, technical papers and regulatory compliance reports. We help them in scientific content development which they can use for advancing their research. Our highly knowledgeable team is made up of qualified medical professionals with a flair for writing and certifications from apex institutions in India and abroad. They also have extensive experience of working in different therapeutic areas.

We have vast experience of working with multinational pharmaceutical, biotechnology, medical device industries, hospitals, CROs, and professionals. We provide experienced and dedicated writers, smooth collaboration, expert project management and effective communications—all the hallmarks of a well-run firm. Our size and position focus on medical writing and publishing enable us to be more flexible, affordable and scalable. We combine novelty and the premium technology in the market to meet our customer requirements coupled with best practices in the industry. These are some of the traits that set us apart from others providing medical content development services.

Technical Writing

Technical writing is an art where the technical specifications of a product or the features of a product have to be explained in a manner that educates the user about how to use a particular product. Technical documents have to be presented in a manner that makes it easy for the end user to understand the various functions of a product. Technical writing has to be simple which allows the end user to easily understand the message that is being conveyed. But most technical documents are complex, often there is no structure or sequence and the language used is poor. Technical documents of such kind only tend to confuse the end user instead of educating them.

We offer high-quality technical writing that is clear, concise and comprehensible. Our manual writing services are customized, and we write for specific groups of people / audience. We write with determined style specified by the client, with appropriate use of technical terms, content and structure and the reading grade level. Since every discipline has specialized words, short-forms and phrases, we utilize experts in that discipline that can accurately communicate ideas and concepts within a discipline. We not only consider audience, but also the specific country for which the technical manual was written.

Business Writing Services

Running a business, big or small can be a very complicated task. Business owners and managers have to deal with day-to-day operational issues which might include financial aspects, marketing, manpower sourcing and many other aspects. Businesses are also answerable to their stakeholders who include; customers, vendors, shareholders and other associates. To showcase their performance businesses are required to publish their annual performance reviews through annual reports and other similar documents that assure their stakeholders about their investments in the business. Managing the day-to-day operations is a task in itself, add to it the task of creating extensive reports can be very challenging. Also most small businesses may not have the resources or dedicated personnel to create such reports.

We can take care of all your business writing needs. We can help businesses to create compelling reports that highlight the achievements of the business during a financial year. We have the expertise and experience of creating a variety of business reports for businesses from diverse sectors. We offer businesses with help by extending business writing services where our experts create annual reports, corporate profiles, marketing presentations, whitepapers, case studies and any kind of business writing requirements. You name it, we have it.

Categories As Follows

  • Annual Report Writing

    A company’s annual report is the single most important document decided by your stakeholders especially shareholders or potential investors. The report would shed light on how your firm is doing financially and non-financially (GRI am reporting). Unfortunately, many companies struggle to present this report as it contains different financial documents as well as graphs and charts that provide a visual overview of the firm’s fiscal health and operations. Lack of resources and dedicated personnel to write annual reports add on to the challenge. We are experts in creating annual reports that highlight the achievements and overall performance of the business. Our experts closely coordinate with business owners, managers and finance professionals to understand the growth of the organization and showcase it in the form of annual reports. Annual reports created by us can help businesses to strengthen their shareholders faith and attract new investors.

  • Corporate Profile Writing

    Every business has a history and the history of the business needs to be presented to stakeholders and potential investors in a story format which highlights the journey of the business right from their origins to their current position. This history in corporate terms is known as a corporate profile which is a key marketing collateral. But most businesses fail to highlight their history mainly because of lack of resources or lack of awareness of the need for a corporate profile. A corporate profile adds credibility to your business and showcases your growth over the years. We help businesses to create exceptional corporate profiles that combine the business history, its origins and their progress through the years. Businesses having a corporate profile are more visible in the digital and traditional platforms. Corporate profiles that we create help businesses to make a lasting impression on stakeholders, investors and customers alike.

  • Business Plan Development

    Most businesses are known to fail due to lack of a solid business plan. In the absence of a business plan, start-ups and new businesses are not aware of the direction that they need to take to setup their business. Absence of a valid business plan also restricts investors from investing in the project or banks from offering start-up capital required to setup the business. Business plan development is not an easy task and hence it is advisable that the task of developing business plans be left to the experts. We are an organization with sufficient experience in business plan development and have several success stories to back-up our claims. Business plan development services that we offer includes; helping start-ups structure extensive written business and marketing plans and research activities, offering customized business plan packages which is tailor-made to meet their requirements.

  • Marketing Strategy Development

    Marketing efforts of many organizations fail due to want of an effective marketing strategy. Though organizations allocate big budgets for marketing, the approach they adopt towards marketing is not properly structured or driven by a solid marketing strategy which often results in low returns on investments (ROI). This is a key challenge that is faced by most marketers. We help organizations to overcome this challenge by helping them with marketing strategy development. Our highly experienced and qualified marketing professionals understand your marketing objective, your target market, your target customers and your intended outcomes from the marketing activity. On this basis, our experts develop a marketing strategy that takes all these factors into account to make the maximum impact and higher ROI.

  • Tender Proposal Writing

    Organizations often bid for new projects and contract work. Contracts are usually awarded to the organization that presents tenders that are well written, address the problem they are going to solve and the rates. But most organizations assume that offering low rates can guarantee acceptance of their tender proposal and the work is awarded to them. Organizations fail to take into account the writing part as well as the presentation. Tender proposals that poorly written and presented are rejected even if the rates being offered are low. With our expertise and experience we are in a position to help organizations with their tender proposal development. Our professional tender writers ensure that not only the proposal is written content and presentation makes an impact but they also research the market to understand competition on the basis of which we provide suggestions for the rate. With our tender proposal development services, you can be on the fast-track to success.

  • Corporate Video Development

    In the present day, content is king! It is not necessary that the content refers strictly to written content. Organizations small and large often fail to take this factor into consideration. Corporate videos are a form of content that has emerged as a vital tool for marketing. Corporate videos can drive your marketing efforts as it strengthens the image of your organization in the minds of stakeholders, investors and customers. With the availability of social media video platforms such as YouTube, corporate videos can help in developing your brand. We offer corporate video development services where we create outstanding corporate videos which will highlight your organizational capabilities and improve your brand image. Corporate videos that we develop are effective, impactful and present you with the much needed competitive edge.


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