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 Econometrics & Financial Analytics

In the present competitive business environment organizations are faced with several risks and challenges in econometrics and finance. They adopt several analytical tools which generally add to the confusion. Organizations often find that the classical linear regression model does not work for the data they have as one of the assumptions might not hold. In such a situation, it becomes necessary for them to tackle the problem before they can successfully conclude their analysis. The use of econometrics and financial analytics greatly contributes to the development of techniques that help in tackling such complications or challenges with the data that typically makes standard model estimation challenging or unreliable.

We can help organizations to overcome such challenges with our advanced econometric and financial analytics services by enabling them to obtain better results. Our experts deploy smarter analytics to deliver valuable financial insights. By using our econometric and financial analytics solutions, we facilitate organizations to enhance their decision making, increase their return on investments, improve and streamline risk processes, lower regulatory compliance costs, increase the product line / service areas. With our advanced analytics solutions we enable organizations to be confident while mitigating risks, facilitating overall improvements in capital planning and handle regulatory compliance.

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Risk Management Analytics

Managing risks in organizations has become a major challenge. The highly explosive business environment makes it necessary for financial as well as other organizations to effectively manage and reduce the scope of risk in their business and business operations. Organizations are expected to predict any future risks and based on the risks they have to take steps to overcome it. We offer extensive risk management analytics solutions to financial as well as other organizations. Considering that the threat of risk exists in every business domain, we help businesses to evaluate raw data from their business operations and convert structured and unstructured data to derive better insights in identifying risks. Our risk management analytics combined with in-depth research enables organizations to monitor their performance through risk sensitivity analysis. With our inputs, organizations are not only aware of their future risks but they are in a position to outline strategies to overcome such risks.

Capital Planning Management Analytics

Capital planning and management within small and medium enterprises is a complex task. Small and medium enterprises that often operate with limited capital are tasked with effectively managing their capital for best performance. Though organizations utilize statistical tools, inaccurate statistics happens to be a major challenge that makes an impact on their overall capital expenditure strategy. The best productivity can only be derived through capital expenditure planning. We provide organizations with capital planning management analytics where we help them to identify their key expenses while eliminating unwanted expenditure. With our capital planning analytics we help organizations to allocate appropriate capital resources for investments and indicate the risks that come with making unnecessary expenses. We utilize the CAPEX – capital expenditure program to facilitate transparency in planning and budgeting. With our analytical services, we identify the capital in hand and also help them to make informed decisions with regards to effectively utilizing their capital.

Cost and Profitability Management Analytics

With increased rates of inflation and high competition, organizations are forever on the lookout to increase their profitability while minimizing their costs. But most small and medium organizations lack the resources or the analytical tools that help them to determine areas where they are spending more than necessary and factors that lead to a drop in their overall profitability. In the rapidly changing business environment, cost and profitability analytics has assumed much significance. We provide organizations with cost and profitability analytics solutions that enable them to avail the competitive advantages by understanding the overall cost margin of the business. Cost and profitability solutions that we offer are designed to deliver strategic actionable insights, enabling businesses to streamline their business performance on the whole. We avail a customer-driven cost and profitability modeling environment to deliver best analytics to create, maintain and apply appropriate cost and profitability models.

Fraud and Financial Crime Analytics

The scope of fraud and financial crimes exists for large as well as small organizations. Small and medium enterprises are at a disadvantage as any fraud or financial crime can cripple their business, often resulting in operational shutdowns. But the challenge lies in identifying the scope for fraud and financial crimes which requires continuous monitoring with the use of analytical tools. We provide businesses with fraud and financial crime analytics services where we help them to identify the scope for fraud and financial crimes. We utilize algorithm and analytics to spot and mark suspicious activities and financial transactions. With our exceptional analytics solutions you will be able to identify corporate frauds, money-laundering activities and customer due diligence. We offer multi-channel analytics especially for banking and financial sector with rich analytics to identify, prevent and lessen the scope of fraud and financial crimes by putting appropriate checks in place and continuous monitoring.

Claims and Distribution Analytics

Insurance service providers handle a huge volume of claims which they need to assess, process and distribute. Considering the volume of claims that they are flooded with and the need for timely processing and distribution of claims, it becomes a challenge to identify actual claims from the fraudulent ones. Insurance providers suffer losses when they unknowingly process and distribute fraudulent claims. This calls for claims and distribution analytics which we can provide insurance providers with. We apply active analytics models, allowing insurance providers to process their claims and identify fraudulent claims. Claims and distribution analytics services offered by us also help insurance service providers to check each of the claim processing decision points such as operations, settlement, risk management and customer experience. The solutions we offer have helped several insurance service providers to minimize their losses that arose due to fraudulent claims processing.

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