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Big Data Analytics

Organizations today are flooded with data from various sources which could be either from offline or online sources, a huge volume of data is generated. Though most organizations actively utilize online and offline platforms for marketing, selling and identifying new business opportunities, they are rarely aware of handling the vast quantity of data (Big Data) that all such activities are known to generate. A large number of organizations use only a small portion of such data. They do not have the resources nor the skill to effectively utilize big data for enhancing their business processes. As a result, a huge amount of data that they generate is lost which can actually be utilized to their advantage.

We are a business consulting firm that has the capability, tools and experience to handle big data. We offer big data analytics solutions to help organizations derive meaningful insights from the vast amount of data they have. We analyze the raw big data and convert it into meaningful information which businesses can use to gain an upper edge in the competitive market. Our experts utilize a string of statistical tools such as; clustering analysis, K-means cluster analysis, discriminate analysis and conjoint analysis for best results.

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Clustering Analysis

Applying statistical tools is often a challenge especially for small and medium organizations that usually operate with limited resources and are often ‘one-man’ setups where a single person is running the entire operations. Data derived from day-to-day operations need to be converted into actionable insights for enhancing business operations. Lack of resources restricts this process. We are a big data consulting service company that offers businesses with all the help they require for statistically analyzing their big data. We apply clustering analysis which allows us to group heterogeneous populations into different homogenous sub-groups. This would indicate various market segments that require diverse communication channels and strategies. With clustering analysis we also help clients to position their products and services in terms of competitive offerings and provide customers views on their likelihood of buying the product or service.

K-Means Cluster Analysis

Though organizations do have large volumes of data in hand, they hardly use it to their advantage. Big data in small and medium enterprises are rarely used to derive actionable insights which will help them to set the future course of action for their business. As a big data consulting service provider, we offer small and medium enterprises with analytical solutions where we use your data to predict future outcomes. We utilize K-Means cluster analysis tool which essentially combines machine learning with statistical tools to extract information from big data. The information provided with K-Means cluster analysis can later be effectively utilized by organizations to understand how their businesses would shape up in future. With this technique of analysis, we enable organizations to group or cluster observations into sub-sets on the basis of its similarity of responses on multiple variables. This can be effectively used by organizations for better outcomes.

Discriminant Analysis

It is clearly evident that organizations generate large amount of raw data. The raw data would be derived from various sources, either through modern sources such as websites, social media platforms or through traditional sources. Data thus generated would be from different sources which make it necessary to segregate the raw data into groups. Organizations often fail to segregate and use the existing data collectively which might not provide the right results during analysis. We help organizations to overcome this problem of segregation. Big data consulting solutions that we offer help organizations to segregate their data into groups with the help of discriminant analysis. We use this statistical tool of discriminant analysis to analyze the efficiency of a classification, considering the group memberships or even assign objects to one group out of several groups. We ease the process of data analysis and help you to derive valuable insights from your data.

Conjoint Analysis

Organizations large or small have customers and customer behaviour can be influenced by several factors. There could be several elements in a consumers thought process that helps them to arrive at a decision. Some customers happen to be price-sensitive while others look for more features. Given these facts, organizations face a challenge as to decide on the elements that customers consider important or unimportant while making a decision. We are a big data analytics organization offering analytical solutions to firms. In this particular case, we apply conjoint analysis which helps an organization to predict the share of choice of assessed motivations such as price or features. Several analyses such as adaptive conjoint analysis, choice based conjoint, self-explicated conjoint, hybrid conjoint and hierarchical bays are used by our experts to help you understand the customer. Conjoint analysis is mostly used as it helps to predict customers’ choice behaviour.

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