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For any business to succeed in the current highly competitive business environment, analytical tools and procedures need to be adopted. A large number of organizations overlook the importance of analytics and attempt to drive their business on the basis of second-hand information which is usually half-baked and unreliable. Organizations, mostly small and medium enterprises lack the human resources or the analytical tools required to execute complex analytical functions. This generally makes a negative impact on the manner in which they operate their businesses. Several organizations are unaware about the importance of analytics and how it can help their businesses. We help organizations overcome this gap.

We offer analytical solutions that can be utilized within every aspect of your business. We help organizations by analyzing their competitors, analyze consumer behaviour, predict market fluctuations or anticipate the success of a new product. Our analytical experts use a variety of analytical tools to arrive at reliable outcomes. We offer a diverse range of analytical services such as; customer service analysis, customer behaviour analysis, market analysis, marketing effectiveness analysis, digital marketing analysis, loyalty management analysis, competitor analysis, acquisition and retention analysis, marketing strategy and effectiveness analysis, business analysis, clinical and medical analytics and many more analytical services.

We offer the following  analytical services  :

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Business & Consumer Analytics

Business and consumer analytics plays a very vital role in how businesses maintain their market share and emerge successful in their ventures. But most organizations struggle with their marketing budgets and operational issues which mostly causes them to ignore the importance of analytics in business. Businesses are unable to analyze the market risks which lead to poor decision making and thus negatively impacting the overall outcome of the business. Add to it the fact that businesses gather data from a variety of sources which can be from online or offline sources but interpreting this data into meaningful insights also poses a problem as they do not have the knowledge or skills to analyze the data. We can help businesses to overcome this problem by providing them with exceptional business and consumer analytics services.

With our business and consumer analytics services, businesses will be able to unlock valuable insights from the vast amount of data that they gather during their day-to-day operations. We help you to interpret this data which can then be effectively utilized to gain the upper edge and overcome your business challenges. The business intelligence that we offer with our analytical services can help you to connect with customers, partners, employees by mixing data and deliver insights across the global digital environment.

Business / Company Research

Business owners, at the time of starting a new business are faced with a series of questions such as; what their business objectives are?, who will be their target customers?, which would be their target market?, who are their competitors? and several such questions. Answers to such questions can be found through business and consumer research. We are a business consulting organization that extends help to start-ups and small and medium enterprises to analyze their business and consumer through extensive research. We identify the nature of business and help them outline their business goals. Depending upon the product that the business intends to offer, we conduct research to determine the potential consumers, the market and their competitors. On the basis of research results, we provide valuable business intelligence to businesses to establish their presence in the market by reaching out to their consumers and tackling competition.

Marketing Strategy & Effectiveness Analysis

Awareness about the past, present and future business goals can be very important for businesses to create a marketing strategy. But even if businesses do manage to create a marketing strategy, they are not aware about whether this strategy will work. Another challenge here is measuring the effectiveness of the marketing strategy once it has been applied. We are a business consulting firm that helps businesses with marketing strategy and effectiveness analysis. We analyze the data available with business to understand whether their marketing strategy matches their business objectives. We also analyze the marketing strategy of the business to ensure that it is powerful enough to deliver the expected results. Data is used here extensively to analyze the reliability of the marketing strategy. We also help businesses to analyze the effectiveness of their marketing strategy once it has been executed

Consumer Behaviour Analytics

Many small and medium businesses have a fixed strategy to approach their consumers. They rarely change their strategy as per the changing behaviour of the consumers. In fact, they hardly realize that consumer behaviour can be influenced by several factors. Having the same strategy to reach their consumers can often back-fire which results in loss of loyal consumers. We extend consulting services to small businesses where we enable them with analytical insights. We analyze consumers, understand their buying behaviours and identify factors that bring about a change in consumer behaviour. We deploy consumer behaviour analytics and metrics to understand the psyche of your consumers. Consumer behaviour analysis provides us with valuable intelligence which helps us to predict any changes in consumer behaviour. These consumer insights are then offered to businesses that help them to improve their efforts to keep their consumers satisfied.

Customer Service Analytics

Are you challenged with the prospect of extending superior customer service? Are you keen to measure the effectiveness of your customer service? Look no further! We are a business consulting firm offering business intelligence and analytics services that you can use to improve your customer service effectiveness. Customers play a major role in business success, it is necessary to keep them satisfied at all times as they act as a foundation for cross-selling and up-selling opportunities. Therefore, it makes perfect sense to track the quality of customer service through analytics. We extend customer service analytics that help businesses to connect with their customers and keep them satisfied. We identify whether the existing customer services activities are effective and lead to higher customer satisfaction through the analytical solutions that we offer.

Acquisition and Retention Analysis

Businesses thrive when they attract new customers while retaining their existing customers. But customers in the present digital age are more aware, educated and technologically savvy. They increasingly utilize online platforms to find the best product at rates that are comparatively lower. This becomes a challenge for businesses as they are unable to acquire new customers and at the same time they lose their existing customers to organizations offering the same product at low prices. With our vast experience, knowledge and highly motivated analytical team we help businesses to process in-depth analytics techniques that offer new insights on acquisition and retention. With our acquisition and retention analytics we deliver business intelligence which you can use to attract new customers while retaining existing customers. We are trusted name in this domain that you can depend upon for your acquisition and retention analytics requirements.

Loyalty Management Analytics

Earning the loyalty of a customer is a very critical to business. But most small businesses in an attempt to drive profits focus more on acquiring new customers rather than retaining existing customers. Existing customers are those who have already experienced the product and received value from it. This fact is conveniently overlooked and it can be disastrous to the health of the business on the whole. We can help businesses to establish a strong association with customers who are most profitable and loyal and thereby increase the profit margin for your business. Loyalty management analytics services that we offer is extensive and provides valuable insights into your loyalty programme on the whole. We evaluate the effectiveness of your loyalty management programmes and provide tailor-made, valid and actionable insights that enable you to make intelligent business decisions.

Digital Analytics for Social Media

The availability of various social media platforms has increased challenges in content marketing. Though most organizations have a presence on several social networking sites, they rarely generate the desired outcomes. Businesses continue to post updates on social media sites without attempting to find out why their digital marketing campaigns are not making any difference. This is primarily due to the lack of digital analytics for social media. We are a business consulting firm offering digital analytics services particularly for social media platforms. With the help of our digital analytics solutions, businesses stand to receive insights into the penetration rate of their social media posts, the interest and responses it generated. Our team is capable of driving rich insights by using digital analytics on the data acquired through social media. Our analytical solution can help you to recognize social media trends and patterns, allowing you to alter your social media strategy accordingly.

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