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Writing papers and books that is fit for publishing is a challenge that is largely faced by institutions and individuals alike. Publishing companies are usually flooded with sample manuscripts for books either educational, fiction or scientific. It becomes a problem for publishing companies to sort out written content that is fit enough to be published. Similarly, authors also face the problem of getting their content published with the right publisher and the right journal which would have the maximum impact. We help publishers and authors to overcome this challenge with our range of publishing solutions.

Guires is a leading organization offering diverse publishing solutions by providing help to institutions and individuals to develop materials for education, conference papers, manuscripts, books and e-books and many more. We offer extensive support to authors and publishers and look after all their publishing requirements. We provide end-to-end solutions that work the best for both publishers as well as authors. Availing our publishing solutions will take care of all your worries related to keening and sorting the right material and identifying the right publishing house or high impact journals. We have established a reputation in the realm of publishing and are widely sought after by authors and publishers alike.

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For Publishers

We recognize the many challenges that publishers are faced with when choosing the right content to be published under their publishing banner. With digital publishing companies entering the picture, it becomes all the more difficult. Because digital content is consumed by the global market and hence it becomes all the more important that publishing companies wisely choose the material they publish. With digital platforms now gaining much popularity, offline publishing companies are also on the lookout for publishing solutions that will help them to filter the right content from the vast variety of manuscripts they receive. We help publishing companies to overcome this challenge.

We partner with publishers and help them to achieve their publication goals. We help publishing companies to filter the right material that can be published both in print form as well as digital form. Our experts evaluate rough manuscripts and identify the right material that is fit to be published. In addition, we also help publishing companies to convert print material into digital e-books that can be marketed on online platforms. Our services are extended to scientific research publications, academic journals where our experts’ peer-review research papers and academic papers and ensure their validity and reliability.

For Authors

Authors painstakingly create rough manuscripts with the intention of getting it published as books. Similarly, authors who are research scholars carry out in-depth research and are eager to publish their findings by publishing it in reputed research and scientific journals. However, publishers as well as academic journals do have their own standards and benchmarks which authors are expected to meet. Failure to meet their standards results in rejection. The most common reason for which research, scientific and academic papers or rough manuscripts are rejected relates to not matching the journal or publisher’s standards. We help authors to overcome such challenges by providing outstanding publishing solutions.

Our experts are scientifically sound and have an in-depth knowledge of several educational and research domains which also include knowledge of scientific and medical research. Further, with years of experience of extending publishing solutions, we have partnered with several domestic and international publishing houses and therefore are well-aware of their standards. This helps us to identify any faults in the rough manuscripts or academic or scientific research papers. Once any faults are identified, our experts guide authors on ways to overcome those faults. Authors publishing requirements and their target journals or publishing companies are also considered.

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