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Cookie Policy

We have utmost regard and respect about your privacy concerns and we value this mutual association.

Technology is used on this website for the purpose of gathering information that allows us to improve our services and your overall experience from the website. The cookies that we place facilitate our website to function and it allows us to understand the specific information and services you seek and recommend those services with appropriate advertisements.

You can clarify all your doubts about your privacy and confidentiality from the use cookies by reading through our ‘cookie’ policy. In case you are still not satisfied, you can email us directly or express your doubts on the ‘Contact Us’ form available on our site. Our experts will revert back to you shortly.

For ease of understanding, we have attempted to keep it simple and we assume that you are familiar with technical jargons such as; cookies, browsers, IP address etc.

Who is gathering information?

Personal information provided by visitor and users to our site voluntarily or any information collected by Guires using cookies or any other technology is controlled exclusively by Guires Solutions Pvt., Ltd. When you use our website, you are agreeing to our use of cookies as per this cookie policy.

This cookie policy is applicable to any of our websites, brand pages or third-party platforms like YouTube and Facebook and applications that are being used from such websites or third party websites that are operated on behalf of or by Guires. Any reference to ‘Guires’ in this policy would mean any company owned and operated by Guires which also includes joint ventures, franchisees, affiliates or subsidiaries that you interact with or have established a business association with.

By visiting our website, you agree to our cookie policy and allow us to place cookies on your device (computers, laptop, smartphones, personal digital assistants (PDAs)). In case you are not in agreement with our cookie policy, it is advisable that you set the settings on your browser to disable us from placing cookies or you can just refrain from using our website. In case you decide to disable cookies, we will not be able to provide you with a satisfactory experience.

The following section offers a brief about the various types of cookies that we use within our websites, combined with their due objective and provide you with the capability to manage these cookies.

Guires will only collect, utilize or reveal any personal information about you only if it is legal and we consider it necessary.

What is a cookie?

Cookies and associated technologies are essentially small files that contain minor amount of information which is downloaded to any device that is optimized for the internet. This would include your desktop computer, laptops, smartphones or personal digital assistants. The downloaded cookies are later diverted back to the website it was downloaded from during every subsequent visit or to any other website which recognizes that cookie. Cookies carry out several significant and diverse tasks where it recollects your choices, your interests. The information gathered through cookies is beneficial to us as it allows us to enhance your online experience and enables us to provide you the best services.

Cookies are of several types but the manner in which they function is the same with minor variations. To understand the different types of cookies that we use on our website, please go through the below section.

Why we use cookies

Cookies are used by us to render our websites with an ease of accessibility. It is also used to provide an experience that is personalized for each visitor as each visitor is unique. We use cookies to customize our offerings to meet your specific requirements and interests. Further, cookies also help in accelerating your access of our website during future visits to improve your overall experience.

When you agree to accept our cookies, we also gather specific personal information which we segregate into customer / visitor groups which allow us to provide targeted advertising that is customized to your requirements. It also helps us to restrict the number of times that you see a particular advertisement. Cookies are also embedded within our electronic newsletters and email communication to help us enhance our advertising and content.

In addition, cookies are also utilized by us to gather aggregated, anonymous statistics that help us to understand the manner in which visitors utilize our websites. This information is beneficial to us and helps us to enhance the content and structure of our websites and at the same time, facilitates us to evaluate the impact of our advertising on Guires and non-Guires websites.

Steps to control or manage cookies

Cookies can be controlled or managed through several ways:-

  • You can either refrain from agreeing to our cookie policy by not accepting it or refrain from using our website.
  • You have the option to disable Guires or third-party cookies by choosing the appropriate settings on your web browser (learn how to do it. see below).
  • You could also use our tool for managing cookies with which you can disable Guires or third party cookies (learn how to do it. see below)..

Managing Cookies via browser

Several web browsers by default are set to accept cookies automatically. If you feel that you do not require our website to place cookies on your device, you have the option of altering the settings of your browser. Altering your browser settings will give you an alert before our website downloads cookies on to your device. You also have the option of modifying your browser settings so that most of the cookies are refused by the browser or certain specific cookies from third party websites. If you have already accepted cookies and you change your mind later, you can simply delete the cookies that have been placed on your device.

In the event that you have disabled cookies from our website, it can make a huge impact on your overall experience while visiting our website. For instance, certain specific areas of our website will not be accessible to you or you might not get any customized information when you visit our website.

If you access our website from multiple devices (desktops, laptops, smartphones and PDAs), you might want to adjust the browser setting on each of these devices to match your cookie preferences.

The process of modifying your cookie preferences and settings might vary depending upon the web browser that you use. If it is too confusing, you are advised to avail the help function on your browser.

To simplify things further, you can also avail software products that can help you to manage and control cookies for you.

Managing cookies with our cookie management tool

You can easily disable Guires or third party cookies with the help of our cookie consent tool. Our cookie management tool allows you to switch off tracking cookies. By opting to switch of tracking with cookies you can ensure that Guires will not be monitoring or tracking your behaviour online. Nonetheless, even if you choose to opt out of tracking cookies it does not essentially guarantee that you will not see or see fewer advertisements from Guires. It just implies that any advertisements that you are exposed to, will not be customized to suit your requirements.

Types of cookies we use

The cookies that are used within Guires websites can be generally classified as under:

  • Necessary Cookies: You are not identified as an individual by these cookies.
  • Performance Cookies: You are not identified as an individual by these cookies.
  • Functionality Cookies: Information gathered by these cookies would include personal information which you would have provided.
  • Targeting or Advertising Cookies: Consumers / visitors are usually tracked by a large number of such cookies on the basis of their IP address or device ID which would essentially gather personal information.
  • Third Party Cookies: Depending on the kind of cookies that are utilized by associated third parties, any information that is gathered by these cookies would include personal information.

Read on to get an in-depth idea about different cookies

Necessary Cookies: Necessary cookies, as the name suggests is very necessary to make the website of Guires function appropriately. These cookies allow you to browse our website and utilize the features. In the absence of these cookies, we won’t be able to offer certain features like recommending a service based on your interest or showing relevant advertisements or recollecting your past actions such as ‘entered text’, in case you are keen to go back to a specific page during the same visit.

As mentioned above, necessary cookies do not have the capacity to recognize your individual identity. Refusal to accept these cookies would only impact the overall performance of the website or specific features and your overall experience on the site.

Performance Cookies:  Performance cookies are used by us to gather information in order to understand the manner in which you use our website. With the help of these cookies, we gather information about the pages on our site that you frequently visit, get an idea about the time you spend on our website or on a specific page and whether you encountered any issues while visiting our site (bad scripts). Performance cookies also provide information which help affiliates to learn whether you reached our website from an affiliate site and if your visit eventually resulted in engaging our services. If you do engage us, these cookies also inform the affiliate about the services you engaged us for. This allows us to enhance our website performance.

Performance cookies do not identify you as an individual. Since the information collected by these cookies are aggregated, it is anonymous and is used exclusively to enhance website performance.

Functionality Cookies: Functionality cookies help us to recollect your choices and preferences such as your region you are from, your language preference which allows us to offer an online experience that is personalized. Cookies of this type are also used to recall any modifications that you might have made to the text size, fonts, visibility or any other aspects of the website that users can customize. Likewise, these cookies are also utilized to monitor the advertisements or any videos that you might have already viewed, in order to prevent repetition and allow you to engage with social tools where you can leave a comment on our blogs or any other forums as it might exist.

The information gathered by functionality cookies might also include personal information which you would have voluntarily disclosed. If you refrain from accepting these cookies, it might make an impact on the overall performance and functionality of the website. Refusal to accept these cookies could also prevent you from accessing certain parts or content on the website.

Targeting or Advertising Cookies: Targeting or advertising cookies are utilized to provide you with content that makes sense to you and matches with your requirements and interests. Cookies of such types are also utilized to provide targeted advertisements or to restrict the number of times a particular advertisement is showcased to you. Similarly, these cookies also allow us to assess the impact of the advertising campaigns we run on Guires and non-Guires websites. These cookies recollect that you have in the past visited one of our websites and this knowledge is shared with other parties. This includes our agencies and advertisers. Such cookies are also associated with site functionality offered by third parties.

A large number of such cookies are used to track consumers on the basis of their IP address, device IDs and hence might gather personal information.

Third Party Cookies: We are associated with several partners who might also set cookies on your device on behalf of us when you visit our website. These cookies enable them to provide customized Guires advertising on their domains such as; Facebook and YouTube. We attempt to identify third party cookies prior to it being used which allows you to make a decision as to whether you want to accept the cookies or not. To offer functionalities and digital experience, we also utilize several partners. For instance; if you are browsing our website, cookies from third parties who offer some of their features (YouTube videos) on our website, would be served though you might have refrained from accepting our cookies or withdrawn. This occurs because you might have directly agreed to use their cookies. In such instances, it is necessary that you withdraw your consent to use cookies of third parties directly on their websites.

Depending upon the type of cookies that associated third parties utilize, any information that is gathered by such cookies might also include personal information.

Duration of the Cookies:

As far as duration of cookies is concerned, two types of cookies are utilized on our website:

  • Session Cookies: Session cookies are those that only remain on your device till such time that you are on our website.
  • Persistent Cookies: Persistent cookies are those that continue to remain on your device for a long time. It will continue to exist till such time that you manually delete these cookies. The duration that a cookie continues to remain on your device also depends on the lifetime of that particular cookie and your browser settings too.
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