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White papers in the Oil Gas industry

oil-gas-read-and-proofreadThe scope  of white papers in  Oil & Gas Industry:  Organizations’ both large and small within the  Oil & gas sector …..

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To-read-or proofread


In simple words, proofreading is the task of going through a document  carefully to locate errors and faults that ……

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Textbook as a teaching tool


This white paper highlights the extremely complex aspect of textbook writing and how in the present day textbook writing….

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Software manuals unraveled


The objective of this white paper is to provide an insight into the intricacies of developing a software  manual. It also looks into the components that go into producing an effective

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Social Media integrations in banking


The idea behind this white paper is to take a look into how banking in the present day has transitioned  from using traditional tools for customer engagement to adopting new and

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Role of White Papers in a Marketing Mix


No business is unique. Every time a new business is commenced,  within a short span of time it can expect a spurt in the number  of organizations operating in the market with similar business

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Outsourcing in Indian FMCG industry


This white paper offers an insight into  the Fast Moving Consumer Goods  [FMCG] industry in India and how it is  resorting to outsourcing specific tasks  from their overall

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Increasing ROI through white papers


Scope of white papers in Oil & Gas Industry: Organizations’ both large and small within the Oil & gas sector use white papers today to leverage its vast potential. Since it has been established

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Impact of Social Media in Hospitality


This white paper takes a look at the role of social media in the Indian hospitality industry.

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Enhancing Brand value

This white paper is about case studies. This  white paper also addresses key issues involved  in creating a case study such as; the need for  a case study, how case studies are used to  showcase the problem-solving abilities of an  organization 

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Employing Business Statistics


This white paper presents an elaborate insight into statistics as a  service and the value it provides to a large spectrum of industries  (more specifically the oil and gas industry)

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Editing & Technical Editing


If you ask what is technical editing then simply speaking it is a task that is undertaken to ensure the quality of a technical  document. Technical documents offer valuable knowledge

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Brochure Content White Paper


Since time immemorial, brochures  have been a vital component of a marketing  mix. One of the earliest forms  of print marketing, a brochure was  and still is considered to be a powerful  medium

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Biostatistics redefining healthcare delivery


This white paper defines the role of biostatistics in the  present day healthcare scenario and also elaborates  on how biostatistics are being effectively utilized to  improve

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Are Indian SME’s read for Enterprise


This white paper defines Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP]  and elaborates its role in small and medium enterprises [SME’s]  in India today.

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Big Implications of Big Data in Healthcare


Over the last decade, tremendous progress has been witnessed in the volumes of data that is generated  each day through various activities.
The capacity of people in harnessing

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A crux of oil and gas industry operations


This white paper elaborates how essential it is for organizations’ from the oil & gas industry to have user  manuals and also outlines its’ pros and cons.

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Growth of E-publishing Industry


India serves as a hub for a number of outsourcing businesses which include business process  outsourcing, knowledge process outsourcing and IT-enabled services.

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